Juno Is Getting Ready to Compete With Uber, Aiming A Better Relationship With Drivers

A startup is getting ready to launch a ride-sharing app that could compete against Uber. The startup claimed that they would aim to form a better relationship with drivers and pay the drivers better with lower commission. As for now, the company is still gathering data, with the help of Uber drivers paid $25 per week to carry Juno devices while doing their job.

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The Use of Online Dating Services Is Increasing, According to Recent Research

A recent research shows that there is a significant increase in the use of online dating services, especially via mobile dating apps. There are also significant increases in two particular age groups, which is young adults and older adults between the age of 55-64 years old. Personal safety remains a major issue for online daters, but most still believe that the method is more efficient and help them find a better match.

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Microsoft Acquired Music Player App "Groove"

Months after rebranding Xbox Music and relaunched it by the name Groove, Microsoft acquired a music player app that goes by the same name. The Montreal-based startup agreed to sell the name and technology to Microsoft, but the details are disclosed by both companies.

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18-year-old Polish CEO Received $150,000 to Improve His App For The Deaf Community

The Five app was first released in 2015 as a playful app to communicate with custom hand signs. Mach, an 18-year-old high school student, didn't realize that the app could be very useful to facilitate communications between people with loss of hearing until they contacted them to thank him. Then he reached out to raise money to improve the app for a better use.

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Google’s new app allows people to know if you’re “down” to hangout

Google has launched a new app on Apple's App Store and Google Play Store called "Who's Down". The app allows users to instantly find out which of their friends are available to hang out.

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Facebook is testing new features for mobile shopping

Facebook may soon be your go-to app for shopping. The company disclosed Monday that it was testing new features that would enable users to buy products, without having to leave the app.

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Yahoo plans to invest in Snapchat: WSJ

Yahoo Inc plans to invest a part of the proceeds from the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd stake sale in mobile app Snapchat, which lets users send messages that disappear after a few seconds, the Wall Street Journal said.

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New smartphone app gives sight to the blind

Jonathan Mosen, who has been blind since birth, spent his evening snapping photos of packages in the mail, his son's school report and labels on bottles in the fridge. In seconds, he was listening to audio of the printed words the camera captured, courtesy of a new app on his Apple Inc iPhone.

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Google's acquisition of Waze hurdle regulatory authorities scrutiny

Google was advised by the Federal Trade Commission that it would not object to the search engine's acquisition of mapping app firm Waze.

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BioShock Infinite comes to Mac App Store August 29

BioShock Infinite will be coming to Mac App Store on August 29.

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Battle of the app stores: Google Play wins, for now

In the battle of the app stores, Google Play won for Q2 2013.

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Google's app strategy to beat Apple is working

Google's app strategy to beat Apple seemed to be working now and held potential to stll work in the long-term.

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Google Shopper app is shutting down

Google planned to shut down its Google Shopper app.

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"Posegram" lets Apple fans peek on iOS 7

An update on photo app Posegram is reflective of what's to come with the iOS 7.

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CORRECTED: Wine app Vivino secures US $10.3 billion funding

Mobile app Vivino gets US $10.3 billion funding as it gears up to develop and expand its brand in Europe and North and South America.

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