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London's Air Quality Index Reached Dangerous Levels Earlier This Month

London's air has been reported of high levels of PM2.5 that was recorded from March 10-13. These minute particles can get inside the lungs and find its way into the bloodstream giving the body's immune system difficulty filtering it out.

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Air New Zealand to team up with Virgin Australia for renewable fuel options

Air New Zealand has joined hands with Virgin Australia to scrutinise options for internally manufactured aviation biofuel. The move mirrors airlines' effort to reduce aviation impact on global warming.

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Fog Casts a Heavy Veil in Delhi: 60 Train Schedules Cancelled

Intense fog in Delhi, India, caused great disruptions in train schedules. Nearly 60 trains were cancelled while around 10 were delayed due to poor visibility. The air pollution problems in Delhi is quite acute and the government should should work towards a resolution.

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Australian Prime Minister Urges Chinese Premier for speedy Environmental Test on coal imports

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull urged Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to hasten environmental tests of sulfur content on coal imports as Australian exporters claim that the new standards disrupts the trade and drives down the already low prices.

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Beijing promises coal-free power by 2017 to fight pollution

Beijing will build four gas-fired power and heating plants by next year and shut the last of its coal-fired generators by 2017 as part of its campaign against hazardous air pollution, officials said.

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