NV Rack: Redefining Training for Aspiring Athletes

By David Thompson

Dec 28, 2022 08:41 PM EST

NV Rack: Redefining Training for Aspiring Athletes (Pexels) (Credit: Getty Image)

According to John Hopkins Medicine, out of the 30 million children and teens who play sports each year, 3.5 million suffer injuries. For the most common ones, like sprains, complete healing can take up to 8 weeks. For more severe injuries that require surgery, many players are out for the season.

Being forced to take time off from a beloved activity can be mentally and emotionally devastating, especially for an aspiring athlete.. Finding the most effective path to healing the injury is critical, but beginning with proper training is paramount.

NV Athletics, the makers of NV Rack, the patented Non-Varying ResistanceTM system, believes the cornerstone of any good weightlifting program is proper technique.

My motivation for creating NV Rack was to make training more efficient and effective, especially for youth athletes who are still learning proper form. Poor technique leads to a higher risk of injury. We've created a product that negates inertia, which allows athletes at all levels to develop higher power with maximized output in a light, safe and repeatable way.

-Founder Brock Massner says

Designed to be a supplementary weight training tool, NV Rack consists of two universal squat rack attachments that fasten securely to any existing equipment to help stabilize movements and maximize resistance. It works with barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Although NV Rack adapts seamlessly to all ages and fitness levels, the founders note that the mechanics of it are especially useful when training youth athletes, who can be more prone to sports-related injuries than adults.

When an athlete is overloaded with resistance, it can cause overuse injuries and strain the central nervous system by causing muscle fatigue, nerve irritation, even affecting how the brain processes information. This can negatively impact muscle function and coordination.

Whether NV Rack is used to support proper training techniques or to assist with rehabilitation after an injury, it is an invaluable enhancement that can transform any workout.  

Zach Musselman, co-founder of NV Rack, offers a personal perspective:

The aha moment for me on the effectiveness of NV Rack came after I severed my AC joint tendon in my shoulder in a snowboarding accident. I could no longer do anything with my shoulder, so I had to start from scratch. Push-ups were impossible, so was lifting my arm into a parallel position. We only had a working prototype of NV Rack at the time. Interestingly, before my injury, Brock and I had talked about how well the product would work in the rehabilitation space because it was low-impact. Although suffering from a shoulder injury was devastating, using the prototype during my recovery was eye-opening. When you lift a static weight, you build inertia through the movement. When you catch the weight at the bottom of the movement and take out the inertia, it can be really painful if you're injured. Having a product like NV Rack that completely negates inertia and keeps the movement smooth all the way through was a game changer.

Founders Brock and Zach started their careers in youth sports and have committed to relentlessly pursuing NV Athletic's vision to redefine resistance training for all athletes. With NV Rack, athletes and coaches will see an immediate improvement in their power development. All while staying safer and learning proper techniques.

They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals safely and efficiently and that the NV Rack is quickly changing how people train, learn and teach resistance training.

Learn more about NV Rack and the official launch on their website.

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