How Galen M. Hair and Insurance Claim HQ are Helping Clients Recover from Natural Disaster

By David Thompson

Nov 15, 2022 01:38 PM EST

Galen M. Hair(Galen M. Hair) (Credit: Getty Image)

Having both lived through and served those who lost everything in multiple hurricanes, Galen M. Hair continues to serve his clients and the people who need him most. Additionally, so does his staff at Insurance Claim HQ (ICHQ).

In fact, ICHQ, in an effort to ensure that families bounce back from property damage and home casualty at an accelerated rate, recently merged with Bush Law Group. Now, the two firms are primed, having already helped thousands of people repair or rebuild their homes, to continue their steadfast representation of policyholders, but with a wider reach.

"This expansion means we can better serve our clients when their properties have been damaged by storms, fire or other disasters, or when their insurance carriers decide to wrongly delay, deny or underpay their claims," said Hair. "The key to success is to find amazing people, and surround yourself with them."

When Natural Disaster Strikes

ICHQ has responded to numerous disasters, including hurricanes Laura, Delta, Ida and, most recently, Ian.

The ICHQ team set out on a goodwill tour, setting up shop in Port Charlotte, FL, at the American Legion post, and purchased, plated and distributed food to the residents who were affected by the storm.

"I've never seen anything like this," Hair recalled. "The roads were seemingly wiped away, homes destroyed, and many people had no homes to go back to or were living in less suitable conditions, but their resilience in the face of disaster was unparalleled."

This is what Hair and his ICHQ team do, they come through for people. The firm not only sets out for on-site campaigns to help people affected by natural disaster, but they carry a comprehensive large-firm approach, maintaining a small-boutique firm model, in the courtroom. The company has tallied impressive wins, both domestically and internationally, but the mission has always been the same, to represent the people.

"The long-term impact will certainly and unfortunately be felt from hurricanes and recovery is going to take a while, so remaining patient is key," Hair stated. "That is obviously extremely difficult when you're not able to go back home for weeks, months or even longer. Insurance companies have a history of denying, delaying and underpaying claims, which makes the recovery process even more difficult. Above all else, it would be in the policyholder's best interest to hire a property casualty attorney and get help with their claims process."

Additionally, aside from protecting one's home from natural disaster and other unfortunate circumstances that may arise, there are a few instances where homeowners can opt for better coverage without having to forgo key protection.

Options for Affordable Homeowners Insurance

Inflation is affecting businesses, retailers, and customers alike. With a possible recession looming, many people are being affected by increasing homeowners insurance prices too. In an effort to help minimize the blow, Hair suggests taking three necessary steps to possibly keep rates at a reasonable level.

Read the Fine Print

It is quite common for insurance providers to alter terms versus hiking up premiums. This ultimately places more risk on the policyholder and better protects the insurance company. Giving a thorough look-over to all paperwork is a must for any homeowner!

"Most insurance companies will not treat you fairly in many cases," said Hair. "It's not personal; it's business. Profits drive most things these days. But to me, it is personal. It's possible to have a holistic approach to assisting a policyholder through a loss and putting them on the road to recovery. Picking up the pieces is something that shouldn't have to be done alone."

Talk Discounts

Homeowners are encouraged to talk (or negotiate) any possible discounts toward coverage, especially if policyholders are taking proactive steps to better protect their homes against damage from natural disasters. In the end, taking initiative on both of these fronts can be a win-win scenario.

Explore the Possibilities

There are always options out there. If insurance companies are mounting the premiums up, then it is worth going to explore better scenarios. There is usually a provider out there that will offer a better deal since insurance companies tend to utilize the same calculated-risk formula.

"You may find some enticing premiums as a new customer because insurance companies cash-in on policyholders when they don't explore their options - but it is well in your rights to do so," said Hair. "However, you should always compare each policy's coverage and replacement values. In the event of a claim, it won't matter if you save money on your premium if you are not well covered. Many people are unaware of what's actually written in their homeowners policies, or they simply don't understand the confusing language in them."

About Galen M. Hair

Galen M. Hair, Owner at Insurance Claim HQ, is a property insurance attorney who has helped over 1,200 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Click here to learn more about protecting your property from disaster:

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