How Foresyte is Helping People Manage Their Finances & Free Time

By David Thompson

Nov 09, 2022 03:07 PM EST

Foresyte(Foresyte) (Credit: Getty Image)

Managing our busy lives has become increasingly difficult in the age of technology, particularly in the wake of rising inflation. Many apps have attempted to solve this problem, but few have succeeded. 

Foresyte entered the market in August 2022, and in that short period of time the app has garnered impressive attention. Since its inception, Foresyte's CEO, Stephen Eddy, has set out to create a one-stop solution that simplifies the way we manage our finances and free time. 

Foresyte boasts a broad array of features, including a social calendar that helps with managing life's various activities such as leisure travel and entertainment. Foresyte also simplifies how we coordinate events with larger groups or clubs, allowing users to collaboratively plan things with friends, oversee a list of who's planning to attend, and bump friends with reminders about the upcoming social commitments. 

The platform also offers a spread of sleek financial planning features. Instead of just providing users with past spending summaries like conventional budgeting apps, Foresyte looks at the road ahead to actively guide better decision-making and help users build healthy planning habits. The budgeting aid adapts to each user's monthly cash flow situation and provides insights through a calendar "heatmap," which advises spending decisions and predicts what kind of financial outcome can be expected when committing to certain plans. 

Travel Planner is Foresyte's next innovation, arriving this December. This set of features will allow users to input travel parameters and check places to travel within their budget. The app crowdsources this information from other users with similar financial profiles to show the cost of traveling to any city around the world. The vertical search feature will come equipped with filters to view certain expense types based on specific travel needs. 

With these features, Foresyte is on its way to making waves in the industry. The app is free to download on the iOS App Store. Foresyte has produced over 3,500 installs and more than 2,000 users since its release, boasting an incredible 90% month-over-month growth rate. These impressive numbers are a testament to Foresyte's potential for broader market adoption. 

When asked about his experience leading the venture, Foresyte's CEO, Stephen Eddy, says to anyone looking to pursue something of their own: "the road to success isn't easy, but when you see an opportunity you shouldn't be afraid to put yourself out there and bring your vision to life". When talking about the future of Foresyte, Stephen says the company aims to become a one-stop-shop for planning all things related to travel, entertainment, and the rest of life's fun activities. 

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