DRINK WATR Founder Anthony Bold Establishes Bevtech As a New Market Category

By David Thompson

Oct 20, 2022 12:19 PM EDT

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The all-encompassing reach of modern technology has accelerated the development of nearly every major market vertical in a notoriously short span of time. The very first record of bottled water ever invented dates back to 1622 when the demand for such a commodity reached a peak in the United Kingdom. 

Since then, countless corporations have capitalized on the need for convenience that humans have exhibited when it comes to their daily hydration needs coupled with increased mobility and shifting demographic and social applications for the vital liquid. However, 400 years had to pass before a serial entrepreneur by the name of Anthony Bold - a young and ambitious businessman, helicopter pilot, investor and design driven creative thinker who has not only achieved noteworthy success in the business arena, but also in the educational field - with degrees from Syracuse University, Barry University, and Columbia Universities - decided to incorporate a never before seen suite of highly targeted technological features to his already cutting edge enhanced hydration company DRINK WATRTM, a sub brand of WATRTM  through which, e is effectively bridging the gap between high end electrolyte enhanced water offerings and technology that will enable his company to achieve a seamless scaling journey by streamlining processes across the board, and creating unique revenue streams for the company, as well as decrease unnecessary links in supply chain and inefficiency in organizational structure. 

By introducing a highly personalized, community-centric system of advocate links that allow fitness and health professionals, high performance professionals, and company employees the possibility to interact directly with clients and support the growth of the company as well as generate revenue for themselves. Bold has taken a leap in the direction of democratizing the access to his company's unique product offerings for anyone who wishes to get involved, with minimum hassle and maximum potential upside.

Skilled at raising capital, building unique brands across a multitude of market categories and conducting high stakes negotiations, Anthony Bold - has turned his focus and skillset to the creation, integration, launch and positioning of an entirely new market category which he has fittingly named, bevtech.

As Tech Times recently reported, the Miami based entrepreneur has successfully identified an opportunity to better serve people and our world through the development of proprietary software that allows his entire staff to become more productive, eliminate redundant and obsolete processes within the supply chain and commercial management aspects of his company´s day to day operations and enhance the overall experience that his customers take away from each and every interaction with DRINK WATRTM

With the bottled water market size projected to be worth USD 510 Billion by 2030 at a 6.8% CAGR as reported by Market Research Future (MRFR) an increasingly large number of institutional investors, family offices and venture capitalists are setting their sights on companies like Mr. Bold´s as the ideal hedge against wildly volatile assets such as securities and a myriad industries with depressed growth forecasts, making the water market a potentially life saving alternative in the proverbial desert of today´s dry and menacing economic climate.

Venture Capital Post recently interviewed Anthony Bold, Founder and CEO of WATRTM to gain a better understanding of what the accomplished businessman and investor hopes to accomplish by spearheading the bevtech movement:

How did you conceptualize the bevtech movement and what would you say is its ultimate goal?

I've actually expressed this in a previous interview, and going to emphasize it here, as well. The beverage industry is ripe for innovation. Processes, logistics, and otherwise are antiquated, and the current structure puts most of the power in the hands of retailers and distributors, at the overbearing expense of the innovators and creators. There are an extensive amount of unnecessary links in the supply chain that adversely impact a new company's ability to focus on what should be the primary goal. Which is, to add an incredible amount of utility to customers and to society. Through technology, and its proper use, a company can focus more on investing in quality products and innovations that better serve people, instead of trying to find ways to save from overbearing enterprise taxing along the supply chain. We aim to focus on utilizing well designed and user driven technology to provide the highest level of utility to customers, as well as local and global society. 

Can you share with our readers some of the unique aspects of your company and its technology that could potentially make it a "safe haven" for investors looking to protect their capital during times of unprecedented volatility?

We´ve witnessed different companies across multiple industries struggling with issues that we believe can be tackled by the integration of well designed, and user friendly, technology solutions across diverse processes which in turn will allow for a climate of increased certainty, which is what we believe institutional investors, family offices and venture capitalists alike are searching for in times of increased volatility across virtually every major asset class. This is one of the issues we have set out to resolve through the creation and implementation of bevtech as a new market category as a whole. Technology supports a decrease in human capital dependency, which affords us to focus on talent that will stick around, rather than the turnover experienced by most sectors today. Technology, also allows us to hedge against another pandemic, and additionally support the unique proprietary variations in our supply chain, which empowers us to perform our own distribution as a start up. Moreover, it also gives us an opportunity to create dynamic employees that support more efficiency. 

What can consumers and investors expect from your company in 2023?

More innovation. Substantially more visibility in terms of direct to consumer offerings and greater collaborations with luxury partners in key markets.  Also, More unique design driven brand activations infused with experience driven technology. The launch of revolutionary products that will supply customers with daily vitamin intake, and daily antioxidants.  

After you reach your initial goals, will you focus on global expansion or on growing your product offerings domestically?

We are focused on scaling at a rate that makes sense for our company and our customers. My vision is for DRINK WATR to reconfigure the way that people think about daily drinking water, and as a matter of process, supply the world with increased utility from their daily drinking water. This includes underserved countries, in continents like Africa and South America. 


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