Safe Places to Invest Your Money to Combat Inflation

By David Thompson

Oct 13, 2022 04:15 PM EDT

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If you look around and feel like everything is costing more these days, don't be surprised to find it's not just your imagination. Things are definitely costing more and more. 

The cost of living keeps rising from luxury items like new cars, houses, and boats to everyday things like groceries and gas. 

Right now, inflation is rocking the world's economies/ It isn't just a United States issue. 

What Is Inflation

Inflation is a term used to describe an economic condition where the costs to purchase increase. There are a variety of factors that create these conditions, but in the simplest terms, inflation occurs when demand far exceeds supply. 

Think about the past few years with stimulus money, supply chain issues due to most societies being closed and workers being at home, and you can see the effects of too much money in more hands and too few goods to purchase. 

Another reason for the rise of inflation stems from the global crisis centered around Ukraine. With sanctions putting strains on natural resources, it has caused prices of production and shipping to increase. 

A third factor in the rise of inflation is the unprecedented low levels of unemployment. With more people being employed, it causes more people to have money to spend, increasing the pressure of demand on a still-struggling supply chain. 

As inflation continues, that means the dollar loses purchasing power, further escalating the costs of making a purchase. 

So with costs constantly on the rise, what is the typical middle-income family to do to get ahead and save money? 

If you think about investing in traditional vehicles such as stocks, think again. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 have taken severe blows due to uncertainty and the FED's efforts to combat inflation by raising the prime lending rate. 

Alternative to traditional investment vehicles may be safe havens against inflation. 

There are many places to consider parking your money, but the top 5 places with lower risk than others include; TIPS-a government-protected bond-gold-is a time-tested value, Cryptocurrency-a decentralized currency option, Real Estate, and Commodities. 

TIPS: TIPS is a Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities and is basically a wordy way to say government bonds that mirror inflation. These are bonds backed by the US government and considered one of the safest investments. 

Gold: Precious metals like gold and silver are considered safe investments to combat inflation and recession since they are scarce and have been considered valuable for thousands of years. These precious metals may not be short-term places to park your money, but they perform well over the long term.

Cryptocurrency: Alternatives to currency and stocks are becoming much more mainstream. The idea of a decentralized currency like crypto has become extremely popular with more open-minded investors. 

Since cryptocurrency, or crypto, gained its valuations from popularity and demand, they act independently of government regulations on the market. In fact, decentralized finance such as crypto can increase in value when fiat currency like the dollar loses purchasing power during inflation. 

Real Estate: Unlike other investments, real estate tends to keep pace with additional surrounding costs that rise as well, making it a good hedge against inflation. Additionally, while lending options may be more difficult for borrowers, people will still need a place to live, and home prices will continue to rise. 

The beauty of real estate is that you can leverage someone else's money (aka lenders) to make a purchase that increases in value. At the same time, the debt (your loan) decreases over time, making it a time-proven investment opportunity. 

Commodities: Commodities are defined as raw materials such as oil, metals, and agricultural products. Much like other goods, a commodity's price fluctuates due to concerns about supply and demand, making commodities a possibly high-reward investment and a risky consideration. 

Ultimately, there is a risk with any investment, especially during economic uncertainties. That said, cryptocurrencies provide a tantalizing investment prospect since they gain value as more people purchase them rather than deflate in value as governments regulate the amount of cash available in an economy. 

With the rising costs and risk of a recession looming, knowing where to find a safe haven to park your money and assets is crucial. From bonds to digital currency and physical holdings like precious metals and real estate, there are ways for a savvy investor to thrive during economic uncertainties 

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