Ethey Is More Than Just A Brand, But A Platform En Route To Transforming Canadian Food And Agriculture

By David Thompson

Sep 22, 2022 12:29 PM EDT

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Founded by Nick Spina in 2021, ethey Foods began as an eco-friendly meal delivery service, but has since expanded to acquire other brands to help them grow their business, and become eco-friendly all at the same time. 

A new paradigm is emerging within Canada's food and agriculture industry, as more and more Canadians are becoming conscious of the food they put in their bodies, as well as the corporations they give their hard earned money to. With sustainability and environmentalism on everyone's mind, ethey Foods is leading a new generation of eco-friendly businesses within Canada's food and agriculture industry that is changing the way Canadians consume and think about their food. 

As seen in Forbes magazine, Nick Spina founded ethey Foods in 2021 as an extension of Livefit, a national precooked meal delivery service focused on fitness. Although ethey Foods began as a pre-made food delivery service focused on sustainability, they have transformed into much more than that. It is now recognized as not just a brand, but as a platform en route to transforming the Canadian food and agriculture industry for good. Ethey's group acquisitions and platform intend to not only bring other brands in house, but to help them expand, go national, and utilize their zero food waste production facility. 

Ethey's eco-friendly approach to consumerism, and commitment to industry research positions the company as a leader in the Canadian food manufacturing industry. Brands across the country are eager to partner with ethey Foods so that they can be a part of its high functioning facility and sustainability efforts. To date, ethey Foods has been able to acquire five companies, bringing all of their product manufacturing into its own London, Ontario facility. Kyle Standaert, who is ethey's Co-Founder and EVP of Growth says, "ethey takes away the stress of being an entrepreneur by helping [its] partners grow and scale their business." With plans of continued expansion, ethey's products are also Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, meaning shipping to the United States will soon be on the horizon.

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The company boasts a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved facility that produces zero percent food waste. The 33,000 square foot facility has manufactured over 2.5 million meals and delivered food to over 180,000 consumers across the nation. The facility is home to a bakery for low-carb baked goods, a cold pressed juicing facility, human-grade dog food manufacturing, and 100+ food manufacturing options per day. With its current footprint, ethey can achieve up to $70 million dollars in food manufacturing revenue yearly.

As of 2021, the company has achieved $16.7 million dollars in revenue, but its impact across the nation is worth much more than that. Ethey Foods has produced meals, soups, human-grade dog food, kids snacks and more all with zero percent waste, preventing more than one million pounds of food waste from entering landfills. 

There are approximately 8,000 food manufacturing companies across Canada, yet government and health restrictions make expansion across provinces and borders more difficult than one would imagine. As the only Canadian company with a license to ship pre-cooked meals with meat nationally, ethey Foods is in a position to truly revolutionize the Canadian food manufacturing industry with a focus on sustainability and zero food waste. 

In partnership with The Wormery at the Grove, ethey Foods utilizes a closed-loop production system that turns food waste into fertilizer. Food scraps are consumed by worms and turned into castings, which are then shipped to Canadian farmers who use the fertilizer to grow ethey's produce. The company is in the process of taking this one step further and are building its Black Soldier Fly Farm, which will allow for 4x faster food decomposition, and a bug protein by-product.

Ethey Foods is a purpose-driven brand with sustainability at its core. As such, the company has partnered with industry leaders to conduct sustainability research for eliminating food waste, advanced plastic degradation, and carbon emissions reduction. Ethey's research partners include the University of Western and Fanshawe College, Terra Optima labs which is a food-waste-focused sustainability research firm, and Farmia Agritech which is a fully automated vertical farm with a "better than organic" product offering of leafy greens, veggies, and fruits.

With a strong dedication to making a difference, ethey Foods is reducing the world's eco-footprint by transforming the way Canadians eat, recycle, and think about their food. Soon, patrons all over North America will be able to live ethey-cally. If you are interested in learning more about the revolutionary company, visit ethey's website today.

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