Moving To America? Everything You Need To Know

By David Thompson

Sep 21, 2022 03:50 PM EDT

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If you are planning on moving to America, then there are lots of different things that you should consider. There are cultural shocks, and the vast size of the USA is enough to send anyone's heads spinning and that is before you even consider the USA Real estate market. If you are new to America, then it can be quite daunting. You may think that you are ready to adjust your life to it but here are definitely a few considerations to make. Here are just a few to think about. 


Due to the vast size of America, it can be difficult to understand just how different each state is. The USA spans over 3.8 million square miles and each state has its own regional differences. 50 states mean you have all kinds of different accents and dialects to master as well as the law and politics which are all slightly different. It is worthwhile knowing the laws of the state that you are planning to move to as well as knowing the politics that they keep to. It can make adjusting to your new home much easier. 


Americans more than most are very patriotic and nationalistic. The national anthem alone is serious business. There is even a code for when the national anthem is played that citizens are encouraged to follow. For example, you should stand up, face the flag if there is one in the area, and place your hand on your heart. Many Americans will join in with a lot of gusto. It is no surprise that a recent survey claims that 41% of US citizens believe that it is the best place in the world. 


There is a different approach to healthcare in America than in many countries around the world. Healthcare in America is privately owned and so you will have to increase your spending when you move there. One way to make it more affordable is to have your employer sort it out for you but this is often only available for full-time workers. Ambulance medics have the right to ask for your insurance information before they take you anywhere and so you need to have a health insurance card with you at all times. 


This may go without saying but there is a distinct tipping culture in America. Meals will always be more expensive than the price on the menu. This is because the staff is not paid well at all. If you leave any less than 15-20% and your waiter or waitress may chase you down the street or check that everything was okay. Technically, it is still optional, but you should make sure to look after your waiters, taxis, bellboys, and any other services you experience. 

Moving to America 

There are plenty of upsides to moving to America. It is exciting but there are lots of different things to consider. It is not like many other countries around the world and so it is essential that you do your research before you commit to your move. 

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