Ramp Talent: The Go-To Recruiting Firm for Fast-Growing VC-Backed Startups

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September 14
3:02 PM 2022

Recruiting and retaining talented staff is a real hassle in the competitive talent market. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, startups focus on getting their product or service off the ground and have limited resources for recruitment and hiring. Secondly, novel companies have a challenging time competing with larger brands that offer more attractive benefits packages than small startups can afford. However, many entrepreneurs overlook the inherent challenges of sourcing and hiring successful talent, as they fast become a diamond in the dirt, and ultimately startups have to compete with large firms for these talents. RAMP Talent, the brainchild of growth stage recruiting and hiring professional Ben Martinez, is a go-to recruiting firm for fast-growing VC-backed startups looking to prioritize acquiring exceptional talent.

Carley Aldous from RAMP mentioned, "I love being able to chat with really cool people and connect them with great opportunities that will make them happy and more fulfilled" when talking about the fulfillment she found being part of the RAMP team.

According to Martinez, RAMP Talent has a unique ability to partner up, build relationships, and support startups in every step of the recruitment and staffing process. Ben and his team offer more than just recruiting services; they aim to become trusted partners with whoever they work with and support them in achieving their staffing goals and building a strong employer brand. Under Martinez's leadership, the company has worked with and supported many high-growth and startup companies. These clients come from various backgrounds, such as fintech, health tech, robotics, edtech, and others. RAMP Talent has partnered with unicorn stage companies like Nomi Health, Sword Health, Outreach, and Sarcos Robotics from their earlier stages to later stages.

Taylor Nelson, Lead Technical Recruiter at RAMP, recalls working with Sarcos Robotics "Sarcos needed to bolster their sales team quickly and hadn't made much progress for a few months. Partnering with their sales leader, we stepped in and managed to fill 3 crucial roles in ~3 months, as well as adding diversity to the team which helped in their growth."

RAMP Talent is great at building efficient systems for growing startups, from recruiting ready-to-go talent to implementing ongoing best practices and preventing legal hitches. With decades of recruitment and staffing experience, Martinez's team has created battle-tested systems guaranteeing that a VC-backed company attains its growth targets.

"Having a very close yet professional relationship with clients really helps grasp an understanding of the 'ideal' candidate that would align with their company values/culture." Maria Escobar commented when speaking about how they use relationships with clients to truly learn what kind of candidates they need.

"Startups growing headcount can quickly outscale their internal capacity to keep the wheels of growth spinning, however, no one wants to slow down and dump sand in the gears by hiring a new HR and recruiting team whose work pace is not at par. This inherent challenge for startups keeps resurfacing," he shares. RAMP Talent supports companies that need some staffing expertise without the additional overhead and weight of an HR department. They also work with companies at the earlier stages (seed round to C-Stage) to make recruiting a priority in their firms and hire people beyond what they thought was possible.

Nathan Smith had this to say when asked about how they help clients in the hiring process, "Things go way smoother when you can be decisive and keep the momentum going in the recruiting process, it's all about moving with speed"

Due to these startups being unfamiliar with recruiting and scaling, RAMP Talent becomes their point of support, relying on Martinez's team to help them from A-Z in the hiring process. The founder describes his brand as a boutique firm that supports VC-funded and tech companies that need outside help to truly achieve growth. It helps these startups with hiring decisions from strategy development through sourcing candidates, screening them thoroughly, presenting qualified prospects, and maintaining a strong employer brand. That increases the startup's chances of hiring great candidates and talents within their organizations as they grow.

Jesus Molina, a Professional Recruiter on RAMP's team mentioned "I remember working with Nomi to help them hire Molecular Lab Technologist to assist them in meeting deadlines and distribute the workload better for existing employees." when talking about past clients he contributed to growing.

As a recruiter, Martinez derives a lot of joy from matching suitable candidates and employers. "Being able to see how far you've come, and assess the true scale of your accomplishment is an amazing feeling," he shares. "It's also great to see later down the line where your hires have ended up and to what level they've grown; we've had people we worked with in the past who now lead huge divisions in the company."

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