How Ryan Flint is Redefining the Commercial Real Estate Experience

By David Thompson

Sep 07, 2022 03:56 PM EDT

Ryan Flint(Ryan Flint) (Credit: Getty Image)

The real estate industry is notorious for its high-pressure sales tactics. Brokers can be pushy, especially when the deal starts to fall through. One broker may even put their own commission ahead of the client's best interests and pressure them into signing a contract that isn't in their favor. This has given many brokers a bad rep because the public perceives that they are just trying to sell their property and make a commission. Ryan Flint has made it his mission to redefine this experience by focusing on relationships and customer service. As one of the top commercial real estate brokers in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area and the country at large, he's won over customers with his single-minded devotion to genuine connections and unmatched work ethic.

You can tell Flint has something unique to offer from his celebrity-like following on social platforms and the never-ending invitations to speak at conferences. As a highly sought-after public speaker, Flint uses the stage to impact and influence business leaders, entrepreneurs, and fellow real estate professionals and champion change in this crucial sector. Flint believes that as the real estate space evolves, so must the expertise and skill set of those involved in it. From agents to brokerages, many aspects of this profession must be honed and refined to meet today's needs. Flint believes that business should be about relationships and community, not just transactions and numbers, and he does his part to ensure that's the reality clients experience on the ground. He implements these innovative strategies into his day-to-day work and ensures he's creating an experience where customers feel they are truly valued.

Rather than only focusing on what he can do for the client's business, Flint makes it his mission to impact not just their bottom line, but also their lives. This means being a partner rather than just a vendor and being there as someone they can rely upon through both good and bad times. With each client, he ensures that he lays a proper foundation of success and excellence for lifelong connections and relationships between clients and colleagues. Flint holds himself and his teams accountable right from the outset, and that has helped him grow a successful and outstanding real estate career that clients enjoy coming back to time and again. This has also earned him multiple accolades and respect from all sectors of the industry.

Flint's accomplishments include being featured in reputable and international publications; receiving multiple top-performing industry awards; and attracting hundreds of thousands of followers on his social platforms. His commitment to excellence and change has also opened many doors for him and brought high-value clients his way. Whether they want to sell, lease, or buy their own building as individuals or companies, many clients have lauded him as a great commercial real estate professional they would like to be represented by in another deal. Flint also works with clients looking for valuable deals when buying or leasing property and those who want a consultant on all commercial real estate and business strategies.

When he's not helping a client close a deal, Flint spends his time sharing his decade's worth of expertise with other agents, business leaders, and his community. He does that on podcasts, stages, social media platforms, and even through articles. Flint's goal is to keep transforming the industry directly through his own contribution to the betterment of his client's lives and indirectly through training and teaching real estate teams and individuals.

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