IceBrekr: Expand Your Network, Wherever You Are, On Your Own Terms

By David Thompson

Aug 12, 2022 01:10 PM EDT

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The path you take in life is a mixture of knowledge, effort, luck, and connections. You have probably heard the idiom about success; "it isn't what you know, but who you know." However, finding those personal or professional connections that could matter to you but are seemingly hidden among the rest of the crowd can seem like mission impossible. How do you meet those "whos?" That's why Dave Castro developed IceBrekr; a Bluetooth based virtual name tag that provides that insight, facilitates introductions, and can also make it easier to break the ice. 

Imagine you are at a networking event, trade show, conference or even a TedTalk, and there are 1000+ people in the audience. As a business person always looking to get ahead or find the next best thing, how many people will you have to talk to before finding a handful of valuable connections? 

You could get lucky and find them straight off, or you could leave empty-handed after talking to 50 people. IceBrekr fixes that by giving people the ability to share their name, professional credentials, purpose for being at the event and other information like booth or table location with everyone in the room. So, if your intention was to find people in manufacturing to help you bring production prices down - your search goes from scanning attendees in every booth, or repeatedly asking people if they know who you should meet, to instead, simply applying a filter and a search on IceBrekr. 

This ingenious spin on Bluetooth technology can be used in almost any group setting. For example, you just transferred to a new college and are looking to join a fraternity. Set your search filter to the fraternity you are interested in, and you will receive a notification when someone associated with the group is in your vicinity. It's also great for finding new connections at work during large corporate events or discovering like-minded people at other events like hackathons, in-person gaming tournaments, DevOpsCon, Comic-Con and sporting events; the applications are endless.

The main point is that IceBrekr reduces the number of conversations you need to have to find the people you are looking for. It allows you to save time and connect with the specific people you are seeking before they leave the venue.

How IceBrekr Works

The search and matching functions use Bluetooth technology. So when you search around for people of interest in Nearby mode, you aren't going to get listings of people that are simply registered but aren't in the room or at the event.  You will only be made aware of people that are within the vicinity of your signal.   

IceBrekr acts as a virtual name tag; for each event, you enter the information you want to share with the crowd. For example, you can enter your first name or a username with your job description or other reason why people might want to find you. You can also get detailed by providing demographics and additional information people could find helpful and set your availability. 

When using the application live, you can scan all participants or apply filters to make your search easier. Then, once you find people you would like to connect with, send a connection request - that way, when you finally interact, the potential connection knows you want to connect. They also know what you look like from your profile picture, enabling them to integrate you into a conversation they are already in or take a minute aside to have a chat.   

Overall, the platform is simple and straightforward. It reduces what once took an enormous amount of effort down to a few simple clicks. Learn more about IceBrekr on their website so you can meet those "whos'' around you who can help you achieve your definition of success! Download the application today (App Store and Play Store)! You can also find IceBrekr on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!    

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