The Demand Generation Era is Over — How The Launchpad MQL Membership Program Meets the IT Needs of the Revenue Era

(Credit: Tonya Turrell) Tonya Turrell
August 12
1:03 PM 2022

With nearly all businesses now operating online - and many companies transitioning to remote or hybrid workplaces as a result of the pandemic - the demand for IT solutions has never been greater. Yet many organizations continue to focus their marketing and outreach efforts on lead generation. For many businesses, they see it as a numbers game: When you have a robust set of leads, you have a better opportunity to secure new clients.

But what if there is a better way? A method that matches the right IT solution to an excited and motivated buyer - every time?

The Launchpad has built the answer to these questions with their groundbreaking MQL Membership Program. Instead of IT vendors working through a long list of "qualified leads" who may or may not be interested in their services, they now have the opportunity to connect with buyers who are highly qualified, conversation ready, and with the intent to purchase.

The Launchpad developed their program in response to a growing shift in the marketplace. All businesses have IT needs, so creating demand is no longer a viable strategy for IT vendors. With the demand already in place, what buyers really require is a way to connect with the best solution to fit their unique needs. The Launchpad serves as a technology matchmaker, bringing buyers and sellers together in a way that benefits both parties. Clients receive the IT tools and resources they need most to operate their business, and vendors have the opportunity to speak only with buyers who need them.

In a time in which businesses are carefully scrutinizing every expenditure and searching for the greatest value, The Launchpad has become an essential resource for IT buyers. After learning their needs and priorities for the year, they connect them to IT solutions that will deliver an immediate impact. And for vendors, the sales cycle becomes much shorter and more valuable because they are matched online with buyers who are ready to move forward.

As The Launchpad CEO Tonya Turrell explains, the MQL Membership Program differs from other lead programs largely because The Launchpad team doesn't think in terms of leads. They operate to serve people with real, compelling needs. 

"A lot of companies say they do MQLs, but their qualified leads are often someone who attended an event and dropped a business card for a free giveaway, or someone who downloaded a white paper because they researched something but are not necessarily interested in buying," Turrell says.

"We have been building relationships for years within the IT community, so people trust us and our brand. The buyers we connect to sellers are conversation ready with purchase intent. For vendors, those people are in the middle of the sales funnel already, and the sales rep can nurture that relationship from there."

As the demand for lead generation shifts toward a demand for personalized, highly qualified leads, technology matchmaker The Launchpad has emerged as the industry leader in bridging the gap between IT buyers and vendors. Their MQL Membership Program is proving to be a revolutionary breakthrough for both sides, with buyers finding exactly what they need to solve critical organizational problems, and IT vendors given the time and freedom to nurture authentic relationships with their clients rather than endlessly chasing unqualified leads.

For technology buyers and sellers who want to engage in meaningful, productive conversations - and who want solutions to their most pressing issues - The Launchpad has the answer. 

To discover how The Launchpad's MQL Membership Program shortens the sales cycle and helps IT buyers and sellers form mutually-beneficial connections, visit launchpad-tech.com

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