From No Direction to Finding Success, Matt Upham’s Journey into Tech

(Credit: Matt Upham) Matt Upham
August 12
12:14 PM 2022


Software engineer and content creator - Matt Upham, is adept at optimizing his mindset for success; his journey as a software engineer is a huge testament to this. Starting without having a background in tech, his fast-paced growth is indeed worthy of emulation. Although the journey wasn't without its bumpiness, Matt persisted in the face of challenges. He has had to transition from Industrial Engineering to achieve success in the tech industry as a Software engineer and content creator.  

"In November 2017, I moved to San Francisco after enrolling in a bootcamp. I lived in a "hacker house" with 16 people, 4 people crammed into a tiny room. For 3 months I spent 80 hours a week learning web development. This process was grueling, and there were many times I felt like completely giving up.," he explained. Going from Industrial Engineering and then having to work his way to landing a job in tech wasn't something that was done overnight. It was his determined effort to find fulfillment and tell stories that gave him the opportunity to create new experiences and effectively manage his career path. 

Ultimately, much of the transition had to do with his mindset and his ability to adapt to a number of circumstances, and it is something that he advises others to imbibe in. "Overall, if there's anything I've taken away from this journey, it's persistence and consistency. If something doesn't work, keep trying, and once you find something that sticks, stay consistent. Show up every day to work on what you're building." he says.  

Going on, he adds, "If learning something isn't working for you, you might need to learn in a different way (books, courses, projects, etc.) and when you feel like giving up, that's usually when the biggest breakthroughs happen" 

Talking about his legacy and where he hopes to be in the next few years, his words were - "In a few years I see myself running a tech startup. I love trying out different side projects, and seeing what opportunities they might bring. I'm mainly focused on the creator space and decentralized finance, and have done a lot of dabbling in these areas." 

To catch up with more on his tech journey, follow Matt via his Instagram account here 

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