Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management Re-Establish Trust in IT Solutions Through a Proactive Approach to the Industry

By David Thompson

Aug 12, 2022 12:12 PM EDT

Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management(Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management) (Credit: Getty Image)

The technology landscape is constantly changing-what was beneficial yesterday has already been improved for tomorrow. The Pew Research Center's survey on technological advances cites "four in ten Americans credit technology with improving life most in the last 50 years." Kelly Siegel and National Technology Management (NTM) are at the forefront of changing security and IT solutions by using a proactive approach to the science. Instead of waiting for technology to become obsolete in a given area, Kelly and his team are proactive-speeding up the approach by communicating and handling the patching behind the scenes to eliminate user error-rather than reactive, common in the old guard approach to IT.

The insurance industry is a prime example of how National Technology Management's solutions can impact an entire industry by implementing one solution. Kelly Siegel explains that the insurance industry is always giving consumers a long list of regulations for cybersecurity compliance, so the consumer can avoid ransomware and the insurance company can avoid paying out in the event of a breach. This long list of implementing X, Y, and Z is almost too much for most consumers, which is why NTM's approach differs. Instead of requiring a long list, NTM provides an all-inclusive solution to being compliant and the protection necessary to combat threats of ransomware.

For over 25 years, NTM has consistently worked toward bettering the industry by being ahead of the technology sector with their innovative IT and security solutions. One of the first companies to adopt the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), NTM was a decade ahead of the competition integrating solutions that were unheard of at the time. NTM offers its services across the country and is striving to be one of the top IT companies in Michigan and beyond, already creating a significant impact in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Kelly Siegel's tenacity comes from childhood experiences. He had grown up poor in a family with substance use issues. As a child, he took on a paper route, motivated by the lack of food in the house and the worry of where his next meal would come from. The drive has followed him to this day, working hard daily to ensure that his daughter never has to worry like he did when he was growing up. He looks back on his childhood and where it has gotten him with the principle that everything happens for you, not to you. "Every time I look back at just the worst time, it was steering me to where I am right now. This is the best time of my life right now up to this point. I've only scratched the surface of where it will be when this marketing takes off."

With tenacity built into the Company's core values, NTM's team is constantly improving and delivering results. In a world where technology changes at the drop of a hat, NTM evolves by viewing everything as a service model-implementing changes that keep every link in the chain updated. It is that trust that NTM adds to the industry where so many other companies fall short. Kelly Siegel and his team are adding back the loyalty, honesty, and communication necessary for IT security solutions to bring a full impact to healthcare, nonprofit organizations, manufacturing, multi-location retail, and cannabis seed-to-sale markets through National Technology Management.

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