OneRange Helps Companies Foster Employee Commitment Through Individualized Professional Development

By David Thompson

Aug 02, 2022 11:09 AM EDT

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In today's business world, the phrase "professional development" often elicits images of mandatory training, compliance seminars, and other company-led activities. While corporate training has its own value for both managers and employees, it lacks the ability to truly inspire individuals or help them expand their skills and abilities. 

At OneRange, they are changing the way corporations view their professional development programs, delivering a platform that makes it easier than ever for people leaders and HR managers to provide meaningful development opportunities to their employees. Because of this, professionals are engaging in better learning resources, developing their skills at a faster rate, and improving their ability to serve the company and their own career. It is a professional development platform that helps employees maximize their potential at every stage in the organization.

As CEO Steve Gilman explains, one of the keys to helping business leaders and managers improve the quality of their professional development is by helping them see the critical distinctions between that and traditional corporate training. While corporate training is necessary operational training to ensure competency and compliance, professional development is a more strategic investment based on an individual's goals. For this reason, it requires a variety of external resources, not a one-size-fit-all training model.

"Traditional training and development usually means corporate training that you need to remain compliant and competent at your current job. These are usually the minimum requirements for your current role or near-term advancement," Gilman says. "Professional development is more strategic in that you are trying to change the status quo; you want to do more with your career and learn other skills or job functions."

For companies that want to invest in professional development opportunities for their employees, there are still various hurdles to overcome. One of the most common, Gilman says, is that for many companies the responsibility for finding the right training courses and resources lies with the manager - not the individual employee.

"The manager has to figure out what resources to get, what books to buy," Gilman says. "There are single format professional development platforms like Linkedin Learning and Udemy (online courses), and so they will invest in subscriptions to those resources."

Unfortunately, even for organizations that are willing to invest thousands (or hundreds of thousands) into professional development, engagement remains low. A company that invests $100k into professional learning platforms often sees only 5-10% employee engagement - essentially throwing money away year after year. 

That is because they are missing one of the most critical factors in true professional development: It must be the employee's choice. OneRange makes it easy and efficient for people leaders to provide the right learning opportunities on an individual level. With integrations to the world's leading professional development platforms as well as resources including books, coaching, and conferences, OneRange empowers professionals to invest in themselves, finding the resources that inspire them to improve.

When organizations make a clear delineation between corporate training (company-sponsored, compliance-based) and professional development (employee-led, upskilling), they will see greater employee engagement, a better use of their resources, and a more productive workforce.

"Training gets people compliant and makes them good at their job, but professional development gets commitment from people," Gilman says. "And with commitment, people excel and do amazing things for their company."

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