All About Different Available Bitcoin Wallets

By David Thompson

Jul 20, 2022 04:04 PM EDT

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Choosing a crypto wallet is very important because there are high chances of leaks and online fraud with increased online exposure. So, you should, after deep research, choose the wallet in which you want to store your cryptocurrency. Therefore, investors need to understand crypto wallets carefully before choosing the best wallet. Once you understand how cryptocurrency works, you can start your trading journey with confidence by using a trusted website like

Owning a cryptocurrency is very different from traditional currency. Virtual currency is not available in a physical state. Cryptocurrencies are stored on the blockchain with a specific address. Different types of wallets use different types of safety measures. Crypto wallets can be divided into:

(i) Hot wallets and 

(ii) Cold wallets. 

Cold wallets are mainly used by people who do not want to store their digital currencies online. Cold wallets are offline wallets. These are safe from the risk of online theft and hacking. Hot wallets are wallets that store digital currencies in an online mode. They are deemed less protected than cold wallets because they are more inclined to online theft and hacking. However, hot wallets are more user-friendly than cold wallets as they have more convenience. Types of hot wallets and cold wallets are discussed at length below.

Here are the types of cold wallets available-

Paper wallets: As the name suggests, paper wallets are physical pieces of paper that contain the information you need to access your cryptocurrency. Paper wallets are not the safest wallets available in the market. If the user loses the physical paper, he risks losing the cryptocurrency available. In addition, paper wallets make the transfer of cryptocurrencies more complicated. So only a few people prefer storing their cryptocurrencies in paper wallets. 

Hardware wallets: The second type of cold wallet is, Hardware wallet. They offer higher security by altogether avoiding online exposure of private keys. Hardware wallets store keys in physical devices like a flash drive in an offline environment. Therefore, they are the most accessible, most efficient wallet, and people can easily have access to them through their computers. 

Here are the types of hot wallets-

Mobile wallets: mobile wallet is an application-based wallet that users can access through their mobile phones. A mobile wallet is the most used type of wallet because it is very convenient. This wallet is very convenient as users do not have to go anywhere and can use it from the ease of their present location. The only drawback with mobile wallets is that they are risky as a mobile phone can be easily hacked by hackers. It is not challenging to get information from mobile phones. Mobile wallets are also very convenient for transferring digital currencies. Users should make sure that their mobile phones are safe from unknown viruses.

Desktop wallets: Desktop wallets need you to download an application like mobile wallets. They are also very convenient. It is incredible to create a password for accessing the keys. They provide several features to the users. However, it contains the same drawbacks as mobile wallets. They, too, are easy to hack and prone to virus infections. In addition, these wallets use a significant size of memory in your system's hard drive. 

Web wallets: The user does not need to download any application and can be accessed through any web browser. It can be accessed very easily from any location with your ID and password. The web wallet is more suitable for users who want to access the wallets for a short period. This wallet does not occupy any space in your device. Users should make sure that they use a safe browser equipped with advanced security so that any possible theft does not occur. Uses should stay away from unrecognized and underdeveloped browsers.

After doing proper research, users can use any of the above wallets to store their cryptocurrency. Investors should use the wallet, which is the most convenient and safe. 

All pros and cons of each wallet should be carefully thought about before deciding which wallet to use. Users can also use multiple wallets. They can divide their total cryptocurrencies into different wallets. It will reduce the risk as even if one wallet gets corrupted, the cryptocurrency present in other wallets is still safe. Henceforth, understanding the sun elements and currency bags has become apparent through the articles.

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