RMRK Ushers In The Future Of NFTs In The Gaming Sphere With ‘Skybreach’

By David Thompson

Jul 06, 2022 12:19 PM EDT

Kanaria Skybreach(Kanaria Skybreach) (Credit: Getty Image)

NFTs have long proved highly unpopular with the gaming community, with over two-thirds of players reporting that they strongly dislike including them in the metaverse. Most see them as nothing more than a 'get-rich-quick' scheme and suspect them to be another example of greedy gaming companies stripping users of as much cash as possible.

However, the NFT 2.0 company, RMRK, is shifting the perception of NFTs in this space. Beyond being over-priced static images, RMRK's NFTs break the mold and are designed to enhance the user experience actively. 

RMRK is adopting a unique and unprecedented approach to the NFT gaming market. Firstly, it runs its metaverses entirely on chain with no centralized servers. Currently, most metaverses run on a single, centralized server, which renders the game vulnerable if that sole server goes down. In this instance, your valuable assortment of NFTs and add-ons go down along with the server; this means the metaverse is not truly permanent and, therefore, not truly a metaverse. 

RMRK's platform uses multi-resource NFTs - NFTs that can store all of their assets on the blockchain and store different versions of them in the same NFT. Multi-resource NFTs differ from standard versions in that once a user purchases a particular NFT, they keep the benefits of this for life and multiple game contexts. This is epitomized in RMRK's flagship Kanaria Skybreach platform, where each avatar acts as an upgradeable NFT. Not only is the avatar itself an NFT, but players can also purchase NFT add-ons that they can incorporate into the existing avatar-NFT. 

For instance, if a player wants to buy a golden mining pick to equip their avatar with, this will carry with it certain desirable, character-enhancing qualities. The pick is an NFT, but due to 

RMRK's sophisticated, state-of-the-art system, this NFT can be added into the avatar-NFT; this, in turn, creates an entirely new composite NFT. 

The key benefit of this feature is that the purchased NFTs can be used in other games. The Skybreach golden mining pick can be equipped in Fortnite and will simply be presented with a different display due to the multi-resource logic of RMRK NFTs. RMRK hopes that this will help to show gamers that NFTs do not have to be employed in the metaverse purely as money-making tools but can instead empower the Global creator economy.

These multi-resource NFTs have the potential to save gamers thousands of dollars that they would otherwise lose from having to start accumulating add-ons from scratch each time they play a new game. The cost of fully upgrading your character in the new Diablo Immortal game, for instance, can amount to over half a million dollars. Equally, Fortnite has sold more than $1 billion worth of digital items; these are only usable in Fortnite, so should the game platform ever be shut down, these valuable assets would immediately become worthless. RMRK is helping to provide a solution to this through its multi-resource NFTs, as highlighted through its popular Skybreach app.

RMRK's modern NFT platform completely transcends the traditional money-oriented use of these tokens. The fact that Skybreach runs on a decentralized, peer-to-peer system puts the power entirely in the hands of the community. Through the game's 'ruling class' of Kanaria birds, the gamers on the platform can democratically vote on virtually all aspects of the Skybreach landscape. For example, through this system of 'World Governance,' gamers can decide to destroy a particular building, create a new avatar and even detach an entire section - or 'Skyland' - of the map.  

Through the innovation of Skybreach, RMRK is transforming the metaverse into a social, community-based world where the primary aim is not simply to squeeze more cash out of gamers. NFTs have been integrated into the very fabric of the experience rather than being introduced as expensive and trivial add-ons. As Skybreach gears up for its latest 'NFT sale phase,' which will start July 7th, other gaming platforms will no doubt be watching closely as RMRK continues to pioneer the NFT 2.0 evolution.  

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