How to Save Money on Designer Brands

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June 22
3:03 PM 2022

No life of luxury is complete without a few designer brand products, from Barbour jackets to Rolex watches. For many people, though, the price tag for these kinds of items is simply too high. You might be wondering how you can live a truly luxurious lifestyle but for a slightly lower cost. Designer products will never be cheap, but below are three ways to keep your costs down.

Buy Second-Hand

There is a huge second-hand market where it's possible to find designer clothing and accessories at an astoundingly low price. Many people buy these items for special occasions, wear them once, and then want to get rid of them. In many cases, they're happy to sell designer brands at a large discount.

Say you want a Gucci handbag. Before you buy it directly from the Gucci website, browse second-hand stores to see if the same or a similar item is available there. You could get it for half the price of buying it new. These high-quality products are built to last, meaning that even one that is a couple of years old will feel like new.

Wait For Sales 

Sometimes, the key to saving money is patience. All products will go on sale eventually, as stocks run low and designers want to get new items on the shelves. Rather than buying a product as soon as you see it, give it a few weeks. Check back regularly and keep an eye on the price. After a while, you'll start to see it go down.

If you regularly employ this strategy, then you'll start to build up a designer collection without breaking the bank. This is a long-term plan, but one that can save you thousands of dollars over the years. You should take a minimalist approach, preferring to have a few very high-quality items rather than buying new designer clothes every time you see something you like.

Save on Delivery Costs

The cheapest designer brand products can be found online. It's normally easier to find a good deal this way rather than going into physical stores. However, there's another challenge when shopping online: delivery costs. When you buy a high-price item, the shipping costs are usually also very high, adding to your overall spending.

To overcome this, try to find a cheaper delivery option. You can use a toll freight comparison tool like Fast Courier and select your own courier service. As you shop for items on second-hand websites, contact the seller and ask if you can use your own courier to receive the product. If you're getting very cheap or even free delivery, then you'll save a lot in the long term.

Designer products can make your life one of amazing luxury. For many people, though, these items are simply not within their budget. To live a life of luxury without going into debt, try to buy second-hand, wait for sales, and find ways to avoid high delivery costs. That will help you get your hands on the most incredible designer brands.

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