What You Need To Know Before Buying a Printer

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June 15
11:53 AM 2022

 A printer is a necessity for many commercial institutions. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of printers in the market, making choosing one more difficult. If you don't select a business printer carefully, you can encounter frustrations, unexpected expenses, or hampered productivity.

This article will help you make a confident decision when buying a business printer. You will learn the critical features to consider and ways to choose a printer depending on your business needs. Here's everything you need to know before buying a printer:

The best printer should match your business needs

Printers come in different features. Some are designed for printing photos, while others work perfectly for documents such as invoices. Remember, you don't want to purchase more than you require, and you also want to ensure that you buy a printer that is the right fit for your needs. 

Do you need a printer for your business? Or do you want to purchase one to work from home? Do you want to print photos or CAD drawings? Understanding what you want to use the printer for will help you narrow down the selection.

Each printer has its own benefit but usually sacrifices some features. For instance, you may want a device that prints high-quality documents, but the speed may not be necessary. Also, you may want a small printer that fits your space but does not need to print A3.

If you want to use the printer for printing photos, you may decide to get a color printer. Besides, you can buy a multifunctional printer if you want to scan, copy, fax, or print.

Image quality is an important feature to consider in a printer

The image quality may differ depending on your target market. Do you own a design company that wishes to show your draft of work, or do you just need a printed document? It can be frustrating to buy a lesser-quality printer when you need high-quality images. In this case, it is good to consider features such as:

  • Printer's resolution

  • Ink density

  • Ink configuration

If you want to print things such as invoices, tests, or text-based reports, you can consider monochrome printers. Monochrome production printers produces black and white prints. 

If you want high-quality printed materials to impress a client, you can consider color printing. You can choose a laser or inkjet printer depending on the kind of ink you want to use.

Your company's print volume will determine the speed of the printer

The speed of a printer is an important aspect that shouldn't be ignored. However, some printers with fast printing speeds can compromise the quality. Thus, it is best to find a printer that can achieve a fast speed while retaining the image resolution. When evaluating the speed of a printer, it is good to consider your company's print volume.

Some industries constantly print a large volume of documents. For instance, if a law company owns a high-quality but slow printer, the business operations cannot run efficiently. In this case, you need to select a printer with the correct speed to avoid future headaches.

Each printer speed has a recommended monthly print volume. Thus, you can choose one that will match your business needs.

Duplex printing helps to reduce costs

Producing a large volume of printed materials can be overwhelming. You may realize that you require more papers in the middle of the printing process. There is nothing frustrating than running out of materials for a vital printing task. Luckily, duplex printing will eliminate the worries of running out of print supplies.

In this case, purchasing a printer that supports duplex printing is a good option. It will help you reduce the paper cost and save printing energy.

A printer with multiple connectivity options will allow you to print documents via various means

Another feature you should look out for in a printer is its connectivity. Most of the printers offer wired connectivity. This means you can use a USB port to transfer data from your computer to the printer.

Luckily, some models offer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to print directly from a local mobile device. Wi-Fi connectivity will let you print a document remotely when you are away from your computer. 

But if you want a wired printer, it would be best to choose one that supports the latest USB type. With this, you will quickly transfer data from your laptop or computer.

An easy-to-use printer means fewer frustrations

Sometimes people focus on specifications but forget to consider usability. A good printer is easy to use. This means that you'll have less troubleshooting. In this case, it is best to ask questions such as:

  • Is the printer easy to set up?

  • Does the printer offer an easy way to load and unload media?

  • Is the control panel easy to use?

With this, you will not encounter mental torture when operating the printer.  

Your image size and space available in your office will determine the size of your printer

Printers come in different sizes. Hence, it is best to choose one that fits your office and accommodates your printing needs. If you have an extra room or space in your office, you can consider a large printer. But if you own a small office or you are always on the go, you can go for a portable printer.

Besides, you can choose the size of a printer depending on the size of the image you want to print. Large printers handle longer and heavier rolls. Thus, if you're into large print options, it is good to consider a wider printer.

Wrapping up

The right printer will allow you to produce high-quality documents. However, purchasing one requires careful consideration. If you don't know where to start when purchasing a printer, this article will help you select one that will match your business needs. 

All you'll need is to understand the purpose of buying the printer. Know what you will use it for, and the decision will come clear.

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