How Travis Bott is Leveraging the Blockchain to Enhance Entrepreneurship

By David Thompson

May 16, 2022 01:40 PM EDT

Travis Bott(Travis Bott) (Credit: Getty Image)

The best entrepreneurs understand how to identify problems worth solving as well as how to use technology to provide solutions to those problems. While entrepreneurs can find success focusing on only one of the two aforementioned elements of entrepreneurship - identifying problems or leveraging technology - lasting success will escape them unless they master both. In addition to using innovative technology to solve meaningful problems, the entrepreneurs who can educate the public about that technology as well as foster a community around their mission become generational leaders.

Travis Bott is one of these visionary entrepreneurs. With a deep history in the world of Web 3, Bott is using cryptocurrency and NFT technology to disrupt some of the most established and powerful industries, for the better. As cryptocurrencies and NFTs are powered by blockchain's decentralized peer-to-peer network, products & services in these markets can improve how we interact with each other online by emphasizing privacy and transparency. In addition to the ethical promise of blockchain-enabled technology, entrepreneurs and investors are poised to make a lot of money in the space as the global cryptocurrency market was valued at $1.49 billion in 2020 and the NFT market reached $40 billion worth of transactions in 2021. As economic experts predict that the crypto market will reach an impressive $4.94 billion by 2030 and the NFT market will reach an astonishing $80 billion in net sales by 2025, these technological innovations are here to stay. 

Having built and exited three companies in the space, including a recent 9-figure exit for a SaaS company, Bott is a bonafide industry leader. With over a decade of experience in the world of Web 3, Bott has turned his focus to two entrepreneurial ventures in the NFT space: The Meta Bounty Hunters NFT project and the Meta Labs Agency. 

Offering a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, the Meta Bounty Hunters project is making waves in the industry. As a testament to its value, the Meta Labs Agency's project sold out in only 30 days. 

As each Avatar is an exciting space warrior sworn to a mission to protect and conquer the NFT galaxy, the Meta Bounty Hunters project is as creative as it is technologically innovative. Making use of powerful and unique utilities, members of the MBH community will be entitled to direct reflection weekly payouts drawn from bounty staking pools. In addition to earning money through the MBH community, token holders can earn rewards by referring new members to the community. As Bott and the MBH founding team are intent on protecting the NFT galaxy as well as our IRL world, Bott and the MBH team put together a "Do Good Fund" in order to leave a positive mark on Mother Earth while rewarding community members for investing. 

Commodifying his know-how and know-that, Bott started Meta Labs Agency in order to help other NFT entrepreneurs. Meta Labs Agency is famous in the NFT world for its sophisticated, vertically integrated services. Bott and the dedicated Meta Labs Agency team have the talent and resources to improve the technology and reach for existing NFT projects as well as to take new projects from design to development to deployment. Leveraging the three pillars of its business, 1) Meta, 2) Labs, 3) Agency, Bott & the MLA team can design the token avatar, develop the technology, build out the social infrastructure for the member community, as well as guide mint decisions for NFT entrepreneurs. In addition to being famous for its end-to-end capabilities, Meta Labs Agency is, of course, also famous for its in-house utilities, giving clients access to some of the most innovative out-of-the-box utilities in the market. 

With a commitment to using blockchain-enabled innovations to help solve meaningful consumer and commercial pain points, Travis Bott is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Web 3 ecosystem.

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