Avoiding Common Construction Delays with Stronghold Engineering, Inc.

(Credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng via Unsplash) Avoiding Common Construction Delays with Stronghold Engineering, Inc.
May 3
3:34 PM 2022

Construction companies strive to complete projects in the shortest time possible while maintaining high levels of quality. Companies often promise ambitious deadlines and then disappoint their clients by failing to meet them. However, some companies have streamlined their processes to a high degree and only make realistic promises. One such construction company is Stronghold Engineering, Inc. They have been in the business for thirty years, and during this time, they have worked tirelessly to develop processes that cut down delays.

The first step towards removing these delays is to identify common causes of delays. In this article, we would be going through some of the common causes of delays in construction projects and how Stronghold Engineering deals with them. If you implement these simple steps, your company could also recreate the successes of giants in the construction industry.

Inadequate Planning

This is easily the most common culprit of delays in construction projects. Planning a construction project is not an easy task. There are several people involved in a project and each project is complex in its own right. Planners need to have the necessary foresight to pre-empt the time it takes to complete tasks and possible delays that may arise throughout the life of the project. Inadequate planning usually results in the client being quoted with unrealistic deadlines, raising their expectations. It also puts pressure on workers to complete the project in an unrealistic time causing them to compromise on quality.

For these reasons, project managers have a big responsibility. You must have the most competent people managing each project. At Stronghold Engineering, its project managers have been working with the company for decades. They started as construction workers and gradually rose through the ranks. This has endowed them with an insight into ground realities, enabling them to plan for contingencies effectively. Stronghold closely works with the client and its subcontractors to devise a detailed plan. The team meticulously goes through all the aspects of the project, factoring in possible delays.

Moreover, Stronghold only informs the client of the expected project deadlines after thorough planning. This ensures that their clients always have a clear understanding of how long the project will take. The company does not promise deadlines it would not be able to meet. In turn, this ensures that their clients have realistic expectations.

Shortfall of Materials

Inadequate planning can also cause a shortfall of materials. Faulty procurement processes usually exacerbate these shortfalls. Other reasons include the inability to accurately predict materials needed for the project and unexpected delays in shipping.

At Stronghold, each project has a construction materials coordinator who plans and schedules material deliveries. The coordinator starts with identifying potential chokepoints that can impact the delivery of materials. Then, they devise a detailed procurement schedule in collaboration with distributors with whom the company has longstanding relationships. Therefore, they can get materials even during shortages or take advantage of custom delivery dates. For products that usually suffer from shortages, the company orders extra materials which are stored as backup.

The company regularly employs project management software that uses state-of-the-art AI. By incorporating technology into its daily operations, the company has increased its efficiency.

Labour Shortages

The entire construction industry is plagued by labor shortages these days. Multiple reasons have caused this shortage, such as lower levels of young recruits due to lack of interest and the bulk of workers retiring. Other reasons that may cause delays include injuries at project sites or unhealthy workers due to the pandemic. Stronghold has circumvented this problem by providing a healthy working environment that has helped retain staff. Better benefits and competitive salaries continue to attract young talent.


Subcontractors play an integral role in the construction industry. Most companies have a small roster of workers and special needs are met by subcontractors. Subcontractors are often involved in multiple projects at the same time, which can make it difficult to coordinate with them. A significant concern is an untrained subcontractor. Companies have lengthy bidding and interview processes to ensure that only the best people work on their projects. Sometimes, however, an untrained subcontractor can slip through the cracks.

Stronghold schedules subcontractors far in advance of the project, this allows them to avoid unexpected delays. Having been in the business for three decades, the company has a list of trusted subcontractors, so that only the best people assist them with their projects. The company also provides design-build services. It has proven extremely beneficial for their clients. All processes are taken care of within the company cutting time and cost.

Unpredictable Weather

Another major cause of delays is unpredictable weather. Despite sophisticated apparatus being used to predict the weather, projects can still get delayed due to unforeseen weather events. Heavy rains or snow, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other natural disasters cause significant delays. Since there is no way to predict or stop them from happening, they are notoriously difficult to avert. Given the extremity of the event, it might also cause damage to equipment and the project itself, causing further delays.

Stronghold schedules projects according to the different weather types. This problem cannot be solved simply by checking the weather forecast. Adaptability is the only answer. For example, on hotter days, work is shifted towards the early hours of the morning and multiple shifts are used to make sure that its staff is not over exhausted. Similarly, exterior work is scheduled for drier periods of the year so rain or snow does not disrupt workflows.

Communication Gaps

Communication is pivotal for the success of any project. Maintaining clear and open communication lines can make or break your project. This is especially important tobecause construction projects because effective communication is the only way to coordinate the work of several people involved in the project.

Once a project has been planned, the Project Manager assigns clear responsibilities and roles to each member of the Stronghold team. Clear delineation of roles ensures that critical tasks are completed on time and people can be held accountable for any shortcomings. Clear hierarchies are established so tasks can be delegated efficiently. The company also regularly uses mobile technology to sustain effective communication.


Stronghold has implemented these steps with great success, which has allowed them to complete projects in record times. They have also earned the trust and admiration of hundreds of clients. By incorporating these efficient practices, the company has cut down accidents on-site, since their workers are not rushing through work to meet deadlines. If you are a construction company that has just entered the business, implementing these steps will help you secure more projects and complete existing ones in short periods without compromising on quality. 

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