UN Ambassador & Forbes Honoree Chrissybil Boulin is Transforming Education

By David Thompson

Jan 21, 2022 11:52 AM EST

UN Ambassador & Forbes Honoree Chrissybil Boulin is Transforming Education(Chrissybil Boulin) (Credit: Getty Image)

Education and socio-economic development of a community go hand-in-hand. The right skills learned by the right group can mold empowered people who will make positive contributions to society. It is important to begin the empowerment process when children are still young for it to be impactful and sustainable. Global Youth Ambassador to the UN and entrepreneur Chrissybil Boulin is on a mission to do exactly that.

Haitian American, Chrissybil spent many summers in Haiti visiting her family. In the beginning, all she saw were the beautiful beaches, horseback riding, and the other fun activities she could do.

The older she became, however, the more she saw the differences between her life in New York, where she was born and grew up, and Haiti. The paradise she'd enjoyed for so long was home to some of the poorest people in the world. Even though the children in Haiti could enjoy the beaches, the poverty surrounding them denied them access to many things- too often including their basic needs. That was disturbing to Chrissybil and at the age of 6, she developed an interest in community development and education.

In 2014, while completing an undergrad degree at Emory University, Chrissybil served as the Intel for Change Education Ambassador to India. There she advocated for economic development and self-actualization for the youth. Her focus was on the empowerment of rural girls and their right to access formal learning.

After graduating with a Master's Degree in development economics in 2015, she founded a nonprofit to support schools in Haiti. The organization, Merkabah International Foundation, focuses on empowering pre-existing schools in Haiti. Some of the support they offer include school supply drives, classroom research, curriculum development, and mindfulness.

Chrissybil founded Jump Start Tutoring Center, an educational organization in 2018. Jump Start is an award-winning, at-home, and online private tutoring company that serves students in grades K to 12. The company's goal is to make learning easy for all students regardless of their academic abilities.

Run by a team of talented instructors, Jump Start Tutoring Center provides test prep, college entrance, and educational consulting in South Florida and across the U.S. Each student receives a customized lesson plan that takes into account each individual's specific learning needs. They also provide support with college entrance, career exploration, and critical thinking skills that will help students, even after graduation.

Being awarded a scholarship is one of the easiest ways of getting an education and securing a better future for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although SAT prep goes a long way towards that, Chrissybil observes that the cost locks out many children who'd benefit. To make it more accessible and affordable, Jump Start is exploring the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space. Its award-winning SAT Program will be redesigned with technology and is launching soon. Chrissybil says it will not require a private tutor to navigate- allowing students access to a data-driven and cost-friendly alternative. 

Chrissybil's contributions to her community and the education sector at large have earned her recognition from many local, national, and international organizations. Some of them include Haitian American Chambers of Commerce of Florida,  Emory 40 under 40, Mielle's Global Education and Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund, and even Forbes 30 Under 30 - Education 2022.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 list is an especially illustrious honor, as it recognizes some of the top professionals in the world who are transforming the world as we know it. Some of the biggest names in music, advertising, science, and technology are included, and Chrissybil has earned her spot as an influential figure in education. Through her organization, Chrissybil is seeking new funding to incorporate AI and machine learning in order to open its programs up to students nationwide, thus making tutoring more accessible. Raising funds for this endeavor is sure to expand educational opportunities for kids around the country.

Throughout their fundraising efforts, which are still going on today, they've partnered with some incredible organizations. These include Chisos Capital, VISA, IFundwomen, Facebook for Business, Spanx Red Backpack Fund, Fiserv, Clover, and the United Way of Broward County. They are currently accepting investors so they can close out their seed round funding with a goal of raising $1.3 million. Chrissybil also serves as an honorary member of the Miami-Dade School Board. She was recently honored by the City of North Miami when November 1, 2021, was named Chrissybil Boulin Day. 

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