What Type of Apps are in High Demand in 2022?

(Credit: Tranmautritam from Pexels) What Type of Apps are in High Demand in 2022?
December 8
9:45 AM 2021

Data suggests that 196 billion apps were downloaded from Google Play in 2021, and 2022 gives no evidence of slowing down this rate. After the challenges of 2021, we have selected the following apps, in no particular order, that will enhance your wellbeing and lifestyle in 2022.

Podcasting is growing exponentially. Currently 50% of the US population enjoy listening to Podcasts, and the market share for this medium is rapidly growing in many countries across the global market. Significantly, many listeners are becoming podcast creators. At the time of writing, there are over 2 million active podcasts with upwards of 50 million episodes. 

The Podbean podcast app, supported by a Facebook community, is a multifunctional podcast listening and discovery app, which also allows users to create their own podcast right from their phone. Started in 2019, Podbean also added functionality that allows podcasters to record podcasts with multiple remote hosts and guests and to run live podcasts. The social audio/livestreaming function has rapidly gained popularity and has evolved to include more community engagement features, like a Fan Club, Virtual Gifting, and Super Chat.

With a rapidly expanding user base and all the different features it offers for both podcast listeners and podcasters (and future content creators), the Podbean podcast app has definitely got a bright future in 2022 and beyond. Keep an eye on the Podbean app as a leader in podcasting/audio innovation, you can access the app here.

Secondly, whilst 2021 has not been the best year for travel, 2022 promises to be closer to normal for first-time flyer and seasoned traveller alike.

Travelling is more important than ever to the younger generation, yet there is no single all-in-one travel platform to help travel lovers make the most of their passion. Cyclists have Strava. Music lovers have Spotify. Foodies have Pinterest. But the travel-obsessed have nothing (yet).

That's why Pluto has built the go-to travel app, where you can get inspiration, organise a trip, and connect with fellow travellers, all in one place. Since launching the product in September 2020, almost 20,000 people all over the world have been using Pluto to plan their travels. Using the app, you can create a Pinboard that provides a single place to save everything you need for a trip - from places and notes to documents and checklists.

People can explore a personalised feed of tried and tested recommendations, curated from submissions by fellow travellers within the Pluto community. Then travellers can easily share their travel plans with others - to plan a trip together or pass on their tips. The app is currently free to use, and the team are rolling out additional functionality including more social features, an itinerary builder, and seamless integration with flight and accommodation bookings.

COVID-19-induced new ways of working have identified the need for new ways to engage with data and teams. Rather than silo thinking, Mem facilitates matrix working, in terms of engagement with information, teams, and its interface with other apps and systems upon which the user already relies.

Mem acts as a note-taker and offers novel storage solutions to discrete data points. It enables Timeline storage, as well as virtually infinite interconnectivity, rather than restrictive file saving. Notes can be converted into individual or team tasks with document sharing built-in. Alternatively, SMS messaging or WhatsApp systems can be used to augment intra-app comms.

Individual Mems or notes can be edited, scheduled, shared, and built from customised templates. A one-stop-shop for productivity in the new world that is certainly to be a feature of 2022

Finally after all the lost time and opportunities of 2021, you want to make use of every second in 2022. RescueTime allows you to monitor and analyse your devise usage, both on- and offline) to identify and eliminate wasteful and distracting diversions, as well as compare and contrast time utilisation between highly productive days and less productive time to help you learn good practices and give you back control.

Sometimes it is not easy doing all this alone, so the app has inbuilt training tools to give you insight and support to keep you on track in the pursuit of your goals. Get a guilt-free 360 analysis of your time management so that you understand your personal work patterns and strengths and weaknesses.

The application of this product is endless, from students to Graduate workers and new starters to the most experienced and mature executives and entrepreneurs. Don't let the COVID pandemic trick you into wasting 2022, this app will keep you on task. With apps that promote productivity, leisure activity, and health and wellbeing, 2022 could be one of the best years yet for you and your business. 

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