Moissanite Vs Diamond - Everything You Need to Know

(Credit: Moissanite Vs Diamond - Everything You Need to Know) Moissanite Vs Diamond - Everything You Need to Know
December 1
9:22 AM 2021

What is Moissanite? Is it actually better than diamonds? Many people think so when they visit MoissaniteCo.com, but they do not really know why. Let us dig deep into the facts and find out if moissanite is actually worth your money. We will tell you what makes moissanites different from diamonds, their history, where to buy them, how to care for them, and more!

In the past few years, moissanite has been dominating the diamond market in popularity. There are many reasons why moissanite is becoming so popular. However, most people do not really know where it came from or why it is better than diamonds. 

What Makes Moissanite Better Than Diamonds?

Moissanite is a material discovered by the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Moissan while examining rock samples from a meteor crater at Diablo Canyon in Arizona back in 1893. The mineral was named moissanite after his name and its chemical element is silicon carbide (SiC). Today, moissanite is lab-grown because manufacturers know its chemical composition. 

While diamonds are tough, they do not compare to moissanites toughness. Fire and plain old wear and tear will ruin a diamond before it can even touch a moissanite's beauty. If you go shopping for engagement rings, you may find that the jeweler only carries diamonds because of their high demand. However, in the end, you will be sacrificing beauty for money, and yes, diamonds are expensive.

1. Stone hardness 

So, how much better is moissanite than diamonds? Several factors go into choosing a stone. However, one of the biggest differences between diamonds and moissanites are their rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. This scale rates minerals on their ability to resist scratches by other materials.

Diamonds are the most common stone in use today for engagement rings and wedding bands, but they rate only a ten (the highest) on the Mohs scale. Moissanites come in at 9.25, which is better though very close to diamonds in terms of durability.

2. Availability and Affordability 

The popularity of moissanite has led to the creation of synthetic diamonds, using techniques like Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). However, they are not nearly as common on the market today. They have been selling for several years. 

Lab-grown moissanites make their allied products more affordable than those of diamond. Initially, it moissanite was rare but has become available with synthetic production. As a result, they cost less than diamond alternatives.  

Some jewelers carry moissanite in limited selection. However, most people still consider diamonds a better buy if you can afford it. They have been selling for several years. Some jewelers carry moissanite in limited selection. However most still consider diamonds a better buy if you can afford it.

3. Gemstone color and appearance 

Moissanite is available in many colors. The most known color is yellow, but since the introduction of Forever One moissanite, manufacturers have been releasing more and more colored moissanites. The rarest and the most valuable one is green, followed by orange-yellow color. 

Another way to obtain fancy-colored gems is to heat the standard colorless moissanite gemstones. Diamond color is not an issue in diamond trading. Only the clarity of diamonds is important. However, colorless diamonds are worth more than colored ones.

4. Fire and Brilliance 

The refractive index of natural diamond is 2.41, while the refractive index of Moissanite is 2.65 - 2.69. The higher refractive index of Moissanite results in an incredibly sparkly stone - more than any other known gemstone. 

A moissanite has a dispersion of 0.104, while that of diamond is 0.044. The higher dispersion of Moissanite (and more sparkle) also explains why some people prefer moissanites to diamonds, especially when exposed to sunlight. 

5. Stone density 

If you are looking for light stones for your jewelry, moissanite is the solution. It is less dense than diamond and a perfect choice for those who love lightweight jewelry pieces. Therefore, this is an important quality to check when choosing between diamond and moissanite. 

Final Thoughts! 

People think that moissanite and diamonds are the same. However, they are not. All the same, moissanite is a great alternative to diamond. They give a somewhat similar experience but despite the close resemblance, they are not the same. Therefore, you should learn the difference before buying any jewelry piece. 

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