What Are the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and How Can You Protect Your Rights?

(Credit: Image by fsHH from Pixabay ) What Are the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents and How Can You Protect Your Rights?
November 23
2:48 PM 2021

Traffic records show that 58 out of every 100,000 registered motorcycle owners in the U.S. are involved in an accident each year. Statistics present an average of 5,000 fatalities produced from motorcycle accident injuries. The most prevailing cause of the accidents is moving violations. After a rider is injured in an accident, an attorney helps review their case and takes steps to protect the victim's rights. 

Riding in A Blind Spot

The most common blind spot for auto drivers when traveling near a motorcycle is at the onset of a left turn. If the motorcycle rider is moving overly close to the vehicle, the driver won't see them and will cause an accident.

Some bikers ride too far to the left in the turning lane and collide with the car when it navigates to the left side of the highway. If they are in a blind spot, there is a higher probability of serious injuries. Victims of motorcycle accidents can learn more here about starting an accident claim. 

Failing to Use a Signal

When motorists are switching lanes, they must turn on their turn signal ahead of time to alert drivers and riders around them. A failure to use their turn signals could cause a collision with a motorcycle rider since they cannot slow down fast enough to avoid a sudden obstacle in the road. All drivers are advised to check all mirrors before changing lanes, especially when a rider is present. 

DUIs Cause Serious Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances affect the driver's alertness and stops them from traveling safely on roadways. The choice to ride while intoxicated eliminates any claims of accidental injuries for motorcycle riders.

A DUI is a serious infraction, and if the auto owner causes injuries, they could face more penalties. If the victim was a motorcycle rider, the risk of severe wounds increases. If the drunk driver causes the rider's death, the state could prosecute the driver for involuntary vehicular manslaughter. 

The Motorcycle Rider Commits a Traffic Violation

State laws make lane splitting illegal, and if a rider travels between the two lanes of traffic, they are creating unnecessary and dangerous circumstances. By traveliing between the lines of cars, the rider enters blind spots, and drivers cannot see them. The riders increase their risk of an accident and serious bodily harm.  

Sudden Stops are Dangerous for Riders

If a moving vehicle stops too quickly, the rider doesn't have time to react. In a collision where the rider is speeding, they could hit the rear of the vehicle and flip over it. The resulting injuries could be catastrophic.  

Drivers In the High-Risk Category

Auto drivers ages 16 to 25 are classified as risky. The motorists often don't have enough experience on the road to know defensive driving tactics to prevent an accident. They are also more prone to get distracted. Distracted auto owners are a real danger to motorcycle riders since they are less likely to pay attention to the riders when driving. 

Studies show that motorcycle accidents occur because of moving violations committed by riders and auto drivers. Speeding, reckless driving, lane splitting, and DUI are predominant reasons for the accidents. After a collision, motorcycle riders are likely to sustain serious injuries if they aren't wearing a helmet and protective gear. By contacting an attorney, victims of the accidents have a chance to seek compensation.  

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