Hawkers Named One of the "Best Brands" by Australian Website, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Talks Strategy

By David Thompson

Nov 08, 2021 07:26 PM EST

Hawkers Named One of the "Best Brands" by Australian Website, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Talks Strategy (Hawkers Named One of the "Best Brands" by Australian Website, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Talks Strategy ) (Credit: Getty Image)

News.com.au is a popular Australian website that recently highlighted Hawkers as one of the best sunglass brands. From celebrity partnership to affordability, the company has managed to connect with customers on a deeper level. Of all the products offered by the company, the website editors singled out the One Venm Hybrid Sunglasses for its fun colors, UV protection, and anti-slip nose pads. 

So just how did this company manage to make the list? Part of the brand's success can be traced back to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. While he didn't create the company, he was able to elevate the founders' vision to a new echelon. We'll look at the retail success of Hawkers and how it managed to find a global audience all its own. 

The Story of Hawkers 

The story of the company isn't unlike that of many startups. The four founders were flat mates in Spain who all shared a desire to own their own business. Taking the opportunities that came their way, they stumbled onto sunglasses as a profitable (and fashionable) way to make their fortune. 

Despite early success though, they would hit some financial obstacles as they tried to expand their company. They knew they couldn't solve these problems on their own, which is why Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was brought in. This investor had already proven himself as a smart businessman, one who could adapt to the changing markets that surrounded him. The founders looked to him as a way to get their feet back on the ground. 

How Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Drove Retail Success 

Sunglasses are a ubiquitous item, one that everyone needs to protect their eyes from the harsh glare of UV rays. They promote the wild beauty of the outdoors, something that's desperately needed in a digital age. Yet these accessories are also a fashion statement, one that can be used to complement a favorite outfit. 

Because Hawkers was selling designer sunglasses, Betancourt leaned into the fundamentals behind the budding brand. This meant taking the time to understand a younger demographic so the brand could be positioned in a way that would appeal to them. 

To that end, Hawkers was able to keep its price points low, a must for many of the college students that already favored the products. More than that though, he showed Hawkers' target audience that these sunglasses were as hip, cool, and conscious as they were. 

You can see this in many of the marketing ideas that Betancourt Lopez would propose and help implement:

  • Influencer marketing: Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw the opportunity of Instagram long before most companies. By asking genuine fans of the brand to get involved, he helped the company showcase its authenticity. 
  • Cool collaborations: The partnerships that Betancourt Lopez helped arrange include Usher, the LA Lakers, and Lewis Hamilton. These people and brands represent the ideals of Hawkers and help promote those values in all the right circles. 
  • Responsible decisions: From cultural to environmental, Hawkers is a brand at the edge of the future. All Betancourt Lopez had to do was highlight what the company was already doing. 

Betancourt Lopez was not trying to pull a 180 with Hawkers - the brand has already enjoyed plenty of retail success by the time he came on the scene. What he did want to do was identify what the company was succeeding at before showcasing it in the most efficient way possible. When asked about his process, he would remark "I like to speak to people and ask their experiences and then rethink, re-ask and go through strategic themes several times." 

Scaling Up: The Past and Future of Hawkers

Scale is of the utmost importance to any entrepreneur, and it's typically one of the most difficult challenges that anyone could face. Retail success is all about finding ways to efficiently market products, manufacture items, and manage countless orders. With millions of pairs of sunglasses sold around the world, Hawkers couldn't be named 'one of the best' by anyone if it hadn't managed to solve these issues. 

This is ultimately the legacy of the investor who would help to right the ship and make it what it is today. As Betancourt Lopez looks forward, he's excited to keep adapting to a new market. Far from resting on what worked yesterday, he's ready to innovate his ideas to ensure they're keeping up with the needs of the younger demographic. 

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