Petroteq Emerges as a Gold Standard for Fighting Climate Change

October 19
10:56 AM 2021

Global warming is a threat that has quickly rose to the top of our problems, one that all of humanity faces as one. Global warming and its effects do not discriminate according to how developed, progressive, or wealthy your country may be. This problem affects the entire world and can only be dealt with if humanity comes together and starts working together before it's too late. Petroteq, an oil company, has taken the initiative and stepped ahead with some incredible solutions. 

In simple terms, global warming is the gradual increase in global temperatures in our planet's atmosphere. These spikes in temperature are largely due to greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and a few others. This is a global problem and our most critical one.

Many people fall under the assumption that greenhouse gasses, the emission of carbon dioxide, and global warming as a whole can be put to an end through renewable energy. While the idea may seem promising, it's actually flawed, and the numbers back this. Solar panels are seen as a popular option to solve this problem; however, solar panels themselves contribute to the emission of carbon dioxide due to their transportation, production, installation, maintenance, and dismantling. These are critical steps in the life cycle of a solar panel.

The two main sectors, economy and transportation, are where renewable energy is usually seen as the beacon of hope. However, as it appears, the numbers are poor. When it comes to transportation, renewable energy accounted for only 5% of the total US transportation sector energy consumption, and this doesn't just include roads. This includes land, sea, and air.

The results were slightly better but still far from expected when it came to power. With fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, and others contributing to a massive 60% of the power generation in the US, it only left 20% to nuclear energy and then another small 20% for renewable energy. These numbers may disappoint those who hoped for renewable energy to be the next change but can still put everyone back on track.

Petroteq has realized that oil-producing companies need to change their ways and work towards a better, greener environment. With that said, Petroteq announced its decarbonization plans. Petroteq plans to mix their oil with bio-glycerin and reduce their carbon emissions by 30% or 40%. This will come as a great benefit to large and heavy cargo transportation. Petroteq also plans to isolate up to 700 KG/BBL or 410 KG/MW by drilling wells into shallow oil sands at about 600 to 1,500 ft deep and then injecting carbon dioxide into them at high temperatures.

Petroteq is taking these steps, and the announcement of these plans puts the oil company at the peak of what's possible and what should be done. This is the gold standard, and whether or not an oil company, the message here is clear that more companies should follow Petroteq and go carbon neutral, with the goal of someday achieving carbon negative technologies.

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