Reed Louis Jeune Discusses Becoming a Young Entrepreneur

By David Thompson

Oct 01, 2021 06:12 PM EDT

Reed Louis Jeune Discusses Becoming a Young Entrepreneur(Reed Louis Jeune Discusses Becoming a Young Entrepreneur) (Credit: Getty Image)

The increase in the number of new entrepreneurs is good for the society and economy. Entrepreneurs are innovative, they improve living standards, and they create jobs. In addition, they can make the marketplace more competitive. However, starting and maintaining a successful business is difficult. Therefore, new entrepreneurs must have the right tools and resources for starting and growing their businesses.

If you are a new or young entrepreneur, here are the best tips from Reed Louis Jeune of Ultimate Phantom for growing a successful business:


1. Passion

Businesses do not always succeed since many entrepreneurs fail. However, if you are passionate about your business, you will not let failure stop you from growing your business. Having a strong passion can help grow a business. If your passion is not strong enough, you will not set goals or have the strength to overcome challenges.

Therefore, you must choose a niche that you are passionate about. According to Reed Louis Jeune having a strong passion can make you work harder on your business. In fact, your potential clients will know you are passionate about your business, so they are more likely to do business with you.

2. Honesty

Honesty is important in any business. You must be honest with your customers and yourself. You must honestly determine the resources and time to commit to your new business.

If you cannot commit the necessary resources and time, do not even bother starting the business. You must be honest with your clients and partners. It is much better to make promises that you can deliver on suggests Reed Louis Jeune.

3. Know Your Market

It is important to know your market. However, several new entrepreneurs do not take the time to know their market. It is much better to choose the right market for your products or services. For instance, if you are a student and you operate a small startup, you can operate your startup on your campus and hire your fellow students to help operate your business.

It is now easy to use the internet to reach new markets. However, new entrepreneurs should target a realistic market. Therefore, focus on reaching people who can benefit from your products or services.

4. The Price

It is risky to start any business. It is acceptable for new entrepreneurs to take moderate levels of risk. If you have a startup, you can offer basic products or services, which is mostly called "minimum viable service".

It is easy to convince people to try out a new product or service, especially if they do not have to spend too much money. If they love your product or service, they are more likely to tell their friends and family about your products and services.

If your target audience cannot afford your products, you can reduce your prices. Therefore, your target market can define the prices of your products and services. As you grow your business, you can change the prices of your products and services according to Reed Louis Jeune.

5. Use Social Media

Many young entrepreneurs love to use multiple social media platforms. These entrepreneurs should use social media to promote their businesses. It is cheap to promote a business on social media. Therefore, entrepreneurs can use social media to kickstart their businesses.

However, do not rely so much on social media to promote your business. It is much better to test different internet marketing strategies to promote your business. If social media does not work for your business, you can focus on another digital marketing strategy.

6. Use PR

It is cheap to use press media to promote your business. Do not hesitate to talk to the press since they can cover your business. If your business is newsworthy, unique, or even intriguing, the press may review your business.

If press media interviews you, you might get great reviews and blog mentions. You may even trend on several social media platforms. In fact, some press media have sections covering relevant and new developments. Entrepreneurs should use these media platforms since they can help them get more clients and customers.

7. Business Mentor

It is difficult to start a business. A lot of new entrepreneurs give up since they cannot handle the frustrations of running a business. Getting a business mentor can increase your chance of success. Business mentors use their vast experience to guide new entrepreneurs. They can share fundamental principles behind their success. It is easy to replicate the success of a business mentor.

You can join different communities to network with successful CEOs and business mentors. If you find a business mentor, take advantage of the relationship. Do not hesitate to ask them questions. They can help you grow a successful business since they already have successful businesses.

These are the tips for growing a successful business. If you follow these tips, you are more likely to succeed. It takes time and lots of effort to grow a successful business. But if you are committed to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will commit to your business.

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