Entrepreneur Keenan Williams' Business Program Is Raising Successful Entrepreneurs

By David Thompson

Sep 01, 2021 11:29 AM EDT

Entrepreneur Keenan Williams' Business Program Is Raising Successful Entrepreneurs(Entrepreneur Keenan Williams' Business Program Is Raising Successful Entrepreneurs) (Credit: Getty Image)

Keenan Williams is the founder of KO Elixir, a multi-million-dollar skincare company that deals in the production of stretch marks and cellulite reduction creams. The budding entrepreneur launched his brand in 2018 and has continued to grow since its establishment. Keenan took on this business by studying the market and combining his customer relations skills.

"I had no experience selling skincare products before starting that job. With no degree in business, I had to study and research twice as much. At first, I struggled to understand that market, but I easily learnt the ropes afterwards, I focused on customers' needs and what they love about the products," He said.

However, a lot of people do not realize that Keenan Williams built this business brand from little to nothing. Before the launching of his brand, Keenan took on affiliate marketing by posting ads for brands online. He found a niche in skincare and produced excellent results! Sadly the company didn't pay him for months.

This came after Keenan had hustled on working several retail jobs in his career. At a point in his life, Keenan was selling shoes at Sketchers and shuffling night jobs.

"I used to work at Sketchers, getting paid $8 an hour, selling shoes to people. Also, I doubled this with a nighttime job on the side," Keenan revealed.

These experiences taught Keenan how to be dedicated to doing business and how to grow as an entrepreneur. Now, Keenan runs a brand that any entrepreneur would be proud to own.

"I made $1 million in sales within my first six months and touched $3 million by the end of the year. Now, I am an 8-figure entrepreneur with so much to gain," Keenan said.

Teaching Business Success

Keenan Williams decided to give back and help other aspiring entrepreneurs grow to like him. He created a monthly business and marketing program called "Skip to 7 Figures", where he teaches the steps, processes, and rudiments of attaining business success.

"I created my business program to help others grow a successful business. In my monthly program, I teach those who live on paychecks to paychecks, low-income earners and the likes, on how to start and grow in the business world," Keenan revealed.

He decided to impact others with his entrepreneurial skills because he believes that anyone can become successful just like him.

"I come from humble beginnings and worked two jobs. I made no more than $500 a week. I decided to fix my life and put on my thinking cap.

If I can grow to become a successful entrepreneur, you can do so too. I look to help your businesses grow to the point where you can leave a legacy behind," He says.

Keenan further said:

"I am most notable for teaching inspiring entrepreneurs how to start and grow a successful business for a very affordable price, and my business school has produced a lot of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires." The monthly program is available for a token of $60. You can go on to www.skipto7figures.com for more information.


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