Tips to Get Hired in Venture Capital as a Newly Graduated Student

(Credit: unsplash) Tips to Get Hired in Venture Capital as a Newly Graduated Student
August 30
11:47 AM 2021

In May of 2021, almost half of the 2020 graduates were still looking for jobs. Then the 2021 graduates joined them. Not only are millions of people coming off unemployment and going back to work, two-thirds of them were making more money on their benefits than they were at their jobs. While there are many vacancies, many workers are still unemployed. It's always difficult to get a job for newly graduated students, but it's even harder to get a job in venture capital with no experience. Still it's possible. Below are a few tips to get hired in venture capital as a newly graduated student.

Be Ready for Background Checks

In this field, you will probably encounter background checks at the jobs you apply to. This is why you should be honest on your resume and transparent in your words. A background check for job applicants won't just provide details of any criminal history to the employer, it will give information about your past names and addresses while verifying your education and employment history. It even provides details on your driving record and other pertinent information. Of course, background checks are mainly to see if you are a trustworthy person or not. It isn't worth lying or embellishing details on your resume.

Make a Statement

So much of venture capital is standing out. You want to be noticed. You want to make a statement. One of the biggest pieces of advice from Semil Shah, the founder Haystack and Lightspeed Ventures partner, was that you should "come bearing gifts." Not only should you make a splash with your first impression, you should have a great deal of knowledge about venture capital. You should be up to date on what's going on in the field and the market. If you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to venture capital, you won't get hired by anyone.

Remote vs. In-Office

Another thing that is necessary is to know how you stand on the remote vs. in-office debate. The pandemic has shown people across the country that they can be just as or more productive from home working remotely, but there are both pros and cons to remote work. However, a lot of venture capital firms will want to see you in the office face-to-face. You should know your perspective on this and come in being honest and upfront about how you feel. If you want to work remotely you might have less opportunities, but it's up to you how you want to go about this. If you are open to any form of work-meaning that you are okay with working at home or in the office-doors will open up to you.

Sell Your Strengths & What Makes you Unique

One of the most important things to do when you're trying to get a job in venture capital is to understand your strengths. When you know what makes you unique and what you can add to the team that isn't already there, you will be a lot better at selling yourself. Are you a people person? A numbers guy? Do you have a vast knowledge of the market and how it fluctuates? Whatever your strengths are, it's important to know that you have them and sell them to the people who are interviewing you.

Read Up

If it is your dream to work in venture capital, the most important thing is to read up about the field. You should know not just how this game works but the current events as well. Understanding what people are doing as far as investment will take you a long way. You may not be the best salesman or the most charming person in the world, but if you have the knowledge that will be undeniable.

Venture capital isn't an easy field to break into. It's tough. There are few requirements but that doesn't mean you will just be able to walk in there and get the first job you interview for. That's why it's imperative to use all of your skills and keep the tools at your disposal. When you make a concerted effort to be well-rounded, you will have a better chance at breaking into the field. 

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