Jesus Is Alive: What's the Purpose Behind This New Token?

(Credit: Pexels) Jesus Is Alive: What's the Purpose Behind This New Token?
August 2
8:37 PM 2021

There's hardly any cryptocurrency that focuses on teaching people how to become successful entrepreneurs. You would say that that's not the purpose of a cryptocurrency. Sure, it's not. But that's what makes JIA stand out from other currencies. It's the purpose behind the token that makes it more attractive than its probable returns.

The concept of crowdfunding from tokens is not new. But JIA is grateful enough to allow investors to provide additional JIA tokens in return. What's the benefit? You have more opportunities to stake JIA tokens and earn more coins in the long run. For example, if you get a chance to earn $10 by staking $100, wouldn't you grab the opportunity? The extra $10 will allow you to buy a few more things. JIA tokens work similarly. The more JIA tokens you hold, the more you earn in the long run.

JIA philosophy

Most cryptocurrencies promote their tokenomics by breaking down the returns that investors can expect. ROI is undoubtedly in the minds of everyone who wants to buy any cryptocurrency. But sometimes, there's more to investing than thinking about making profits. JIA isn't one of those currencies that promote itself by luring investors with high ROIs. Instead, it shows everyone why it's different from some of the other currencies in the market.

JIA has a four-fold objective.

First of all, it aims to develop a community to start an outreach program. There are thousands who don't have money to learn practical and real-life skills. Apart from learning real-life skills, many people want to become entrepreneurs in the future. But they don't have money to learn the tricks of the trade.

JIA's community wants to teach those less fortunate souls the skills to become successful in their lives. From working as a freelancer to making money online through various avenues, JIA wants to help thousands learn new techniques to make money. It doesn't provide training on specific professions, such as online marketing, affiliate marketing, or video-making. Instead, it teaches you the skills you need to make money online. You can do anything like baking, photography, digital marketing, or any other profession that you like.

Gaining exposure and recognition is crucial in any aspect of your career. JIA will teach people how to gain that exposure through their skills. It's only when people recognize you that you start making more money. Some people are not so confident when they start. The JIA community can provide a much-needed confidence boost to make sure such candidates can become successful later.

Since JIA is a community token, it will also teach people how to acquire funds and invest in crypto. This is also a money-making platform where people need to invest strategically to make money in the long run.

Lastly, it wants to bring together a huge group of people who have one common objective: to invest to help others.

Investing in JIA is not just a profitable proposition; it is also a platform to help thousands of underprivileged and less fortunate people. If you're looking to invest in a virtual asset while doing a world of good for the less fortunate, JIA is certainly worth a look.

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