FortuneZ Provides Reliable News on Finance and Gaming

(Credit: FortuneZ Provides Reliable News on Finance and Gaming) FortuneZ Provides Reliable News on Finance and Gaming
June 30
10:36 PM 2021

FortuneZ is on a mission to provide reliable and accurate information on financial markets, crypto, and gaming. The global business publication covers topics from the fastest-growing industries of today. There is a lot of interest in the financial markets since the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the gaming industry has seen tremendous growth since the lockdown. FortuneZ aims to be a reliable source for all information about the financial markets and gaming industry.

FortuneZ always ensures that the information published can be trusted by the professionals and enthusiasts who are reading them. Their goal is to inform and educate their readers. This has been their mission ever since they started in 2000. With over 20 years as a media publication, FortuneZ has seen several trends emerge and fall. They firmly believe that financial markets and gaming are the new trends that will revolutionize the future.

One of the primary industries it focuses on is finance. Crypto is a sub-section that has received a lot of attention. The publication covers Bitcoin, Decentralized Finance, and Non-Fungible Token. In fact, Herbert R. Sim has been the chairman of FortuneZ ever since he acquired the company in November 2019. He is known as "The Bitcoin Man" and created the first repository for research on blockchain and cryptocurrency, Crypto Chain University, in 2010.

Maria Khramtsova, the CEO of the publication is a lead researcher on cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Francine Jansen, the chief operating officer is knowledgeable in cryptocurrency and an experienced professional in formulating strategies for the company's growth.

FortuneZ also covers topics about financial markets like foreign exchange markets and trading. All of these have been gaining a lot of attention recently. That's why FortuneZ wants to provide reliable information that professionals in these markets can make use of for making well-informed decisions.

FortuneZ also extensively covers eSports and iGaming. Along with the increasing popularity of gaming are more and more people who need reliable information about the gaming industry for their needs. FortuneZ aims to be a reliable source of information for everything related to online gaming.

"Cryptocurrency, financial market, financial technology, eSports, and iGaming will be the biggest trends of the decade." said Maria Khramtsova, chief executive officer of FortuneZ. Ms. Khramtsova is also the lead researcher at the world's first repository for blockchain and crypto research papers - Crypto Chain University (CCU), equipped with a Master degree in Law, from Moscow University of Industry and Finance (MUIF), class of 2013. If you're looking for a publication that you can trust regarding information related to these industries, then you can certainly count on FortuneZ to do the job. With over two decades of covering the latest news, it is trusted by investors around the world.

Nadiia Osmokesku, an experienced journalist, is the editor-in-chief at FortuneZ. She makes sure to keep the readers engaged with interesting news that provides value to them.

FortuneZ aims to be one of the leading publications on financial markets and gaming in the coming years. You can follow FortuneZ on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  to receive news articles on your social media feed. You can also follow them on LinkedIn or directly visit their website for high-quality articles and posts. As a media publication that is focused on covering all the latest trends across the fastest-growing industries, FortuneZ is committed to providing reliable information to its readers around the world.

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