Bitman To Release Antminer E9 ASIC Specialized For Ethereum Mining

(Credit: Pexels) Bitman To Release Antminer E9 ASIC Specialized For Ethereum Mining
June 10
10:55 PM 2021

Ethereum mining is the mere profitable activity at the instance as ethereum is on a sudden surge. Moreover, ethereum does not require as much luxury as bitcoin mining requires; you might be wondering what mining is basically. Mining is a complicated process of solving math puzzles rendered by the block to be mined.

Mining was possible with essential computing capital at the instance. However, the exceeding demand of ethereum and bitcoin, alongside the diversified characteristics, have evolved mining into an enormously complicated process. Mining is now only possible with specialized graphic processing units and application integrated processors.

Batman, a renowned organization, is set to launch the latest application-specific integrated processors for ethereum mining; below mentioned is everything you need to know about the latest processors; let's have a glance.

Antminer E9- The Robust Processor For Ethereum Mining!

Batman is one of the most popular companies releasing the top-notch crypto miner. Bitcoin and mining are carried out profitability by only application-specific integrated processors as the process is equipped with the most efficient chipset in the complex, which assists you in solving any possible math puzzle. Bitman uploaded the video teaser of the antminer E9 ASIC mining rig, conferring the head of the organization, the mining rig is equipped with the potential of 30 graphic cards or GPU.

The fact might amaze you that the processor is claimed to be efficient enough in order to generate a three gigahash under the time span of one second. Crypto enthusiasts and miners are aware that the standard graphic processing units are only capable of producing 99-100 megahashes under the time span of one second. You might be wondering, will the processor yet to be released operate on the ethereum 2.0 complex? Yes, the processor will work amazingly well on the ethereum 2.0 progression.

Conferring the robust sources, the mechanism of ethereum and other blockchain are built in such a way that they accept hash function from only those graphic processing units, which renders every aspect of computing function such as gaming, high-end video editing.

 Ethereum and bitcoin operate on different hashing algorithms; bitcoin operates on the SHA-256 hashing algorithm, whereas ethereum operates et hash function. This is one of the most alleged reasons why bitcoin accepts mining specified processors' hash rates. You can avail of profitable outcomes in your bitcoin journey visit online trading platform to Get Started

Ethereum Mining Will Continue A Year!

The Ethereum complex is under renovation as the complex is about to launch the upgraded version of ethereum, which will be named ethereum 2.0. However, miners associated with the mining progression of ethereum have signaled that they might not shift to the upgradable version of ethereum, which will only operate on a complex of proof of stakes.

The core notion of proof of stakes will be introduced to mitigate the complications followed by the participant of the ethereum network while solving the complicated math puzzle and rendering information to the public block ledger.

The proof of stakes complex will involve validators, and the complex will be devoid of miners; the validators will render the transaction or the smart contracts to the public ledger. However, according to few mining sources will continue for at least one year conferring the launch of ethereum 2.0.

How is bitcoin mining different from ethereum mining?

Bitcoin mining and ethereum basically operate on a similar mechanism of proof of work. The proof of work basically defines the solution of a math puzzle rendered by the group of miners in order to process the transaction on the public distributed ledger. However, the hashing function on which ethereum and bitcoin operate are utterly distinguished.

Bitcoin is operating on a securing hashing function-256, whereas ethereum operates on the et hash function. The securing hash function of bitcoin is utilized by ample e-banking forums in India as well as another explicit region. Bitcoin mining progression accepts hash from the mining specified bitcoin miner and both diversified graphic processing units, whereas the ethereum mining complex accepts hash function from only versatile miners or graphic processing units. The block reward of mining a bitcoin is 6.25; an event of block reward halving occurs after every four years.

These are some of the latest updates about the bitman ethereum miner.

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