Titan Network: Trends to watch for on Amazon in 2021

(Credit: Titan Network) Titan Network: Trends to watch for on Amazon in 2021
June 2
8:25 PM 2021

Like any other market, online trading faces numerous market trends that dictate the market's general direction. With change being inevitable, online trade players have to keep a close eye on the happenings around their market's niches. Unfortunately, not all players can keep themselves apprised of changes and end up being left behind. Market trends are known for their unforgiving nature as they come in like an ocean tide and catch the short-sighted traders by surprise. But with the entry of third-party players such as the Titan Network providing business coaches/ mentors, it has become a little easier for most traders to weather the storms. The seller can comfortably focus on other business aspects while their business mentors or coaches watch over the market patterns on their behalf.

The Titan Network is known for helping their members who are Amazon traders achieve fast business transformation. It was founded to help Amazon sellers who wish to scale their businesses faster. Titan Network includes elite Amazon sellers who guide the newbies while growing themselves. It employs a multifaceted approach towards business growth, including a monitoring panel comprising the 7-8 figure sellers. They also provide their members with comprehensive one-on-one coaching sessions, consultancy services, and valuable tools for Amazon entrepreneurs. They also help their members predict market trends and craft strategies to help them continue making profits. It is important to note that the Titan Network services are exclusive to members only, and you will have to join to enjoy such benefits and get more insider insights.

Here are some of the Amazon market trends that Titan Network foresees for 2021.

1. Product restrictions

Amazon has some policies that dictate the amount of inventory a seller can have in stock within a certain period. Titan foresees that Fulfillment by Amazon sellers will have to continue putting up with some stock limit policies such as the 3-month supply and 200 units for the new products. Though not favorable for the seasonal sellers, they will have to put up with it for a while as the debate continues.

2. Rising need for diversification

The Titan Network aims to help its members scale up their brands. It is, however, becoming impossible for sellers who offer just one particular product or serve one niche. Therefore, there is a need for sellers to expand and diversify to ensure they remain relevant and continue to scale up.

3. Prevalence of Influencer marketing

For years now, influencer marketing has been buzzing around the Amazon marketplace. Its impact is visible in the market, as sellers who have embraced it have recorded increased sales. Subsequently, the sellers have improved their influencer marketing budget allocation, indicating that the trend is here to stay.

4. Increased use raw of videos in marketing

Buyers are relating well to Video-based adverts as they are taking advantage of a more personalized touch with advertising their products. Recent marketing statistics have shown that customers are more likely to buy from video-based adverts. Besides, sellers also find it easy to create sponsored brand video content that contains keywords vital when the customer uses a search term on Amazon.

You can get in touch with Titans Network on the different social media platforms using the following links; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, or check out the Titans Network Website for detailed facts about their services and possibly join the Network.

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