Interested in a Tummy Tuck? Goals Plastic Surgery Explains What You Need to Know

(Credit: Goal Plastic Surgery) Interested in a Tummy Tuck? Goals Plastic Surgery Explains What You Need to Know
April 17
1:49 AM 2021

Goals Plastic Surgery is one of the leading aesthetic and cosmetic surgery practices in the United States. It was started with the mission to provide affordable and high-standard plastic surgery treatments to all patients. Goals Plastic Surgery offers high-quality surgical procedures for patients to transform their lives and give them a new lifestyle. Based in New York, the practice prides itself as the premier location for all aesthetics desires of patients. The recent announcement from the center has made it official that there will be a new center opening in Atlanta, Georgia. They have managed to garner a massive online community on various social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Patients can check the various treatments offered on the official website.

Among the many aesthetics procedures they offer is a Tummy Tuck. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery performed to eliminate the abdominal area's excess flab and tighten the abdominal muscles. It is essential to understand that a tummy tuck is not a weight control measure but a process that helps patients get firm and toned abdominal muscles. According to the surgeons at Goals Plastic Surgery, a tummy tuck is an invasive surgery, and patients should give it a deep thought before deciding to undergo the surgery.

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, vascular and digestive problems are advised not to undergo the surgery. A tummy tuck is common following a massive weight loss, pregnancy, or weak abdomen muscle leading to a flabby abdomen. The advantage of undergoing a tummy tuck is having a flat tummy that fits better in clothes giving you a more youthful look. One of the disadvantages of undergoing a tummy tuck is that you will have to live with a permanent scar around the bikini area. Weight gain or another pregnancy for women after a tummy tuck may negatively affect the surgery results.

Before the surgery, patients are encouraged to communicate to the surgeon their expectations and ensure they understand all the effects of the surgery. General anesthesia is commonly administered to make the patient fall asleep and be comfortable throughout the entire process. The surgeon then makes a horizontal incision between the belly button and the pubic hairline. The abdominal skin gets lifted to allow repairing of the abdominal muscles. A second incision may be created around the navel area if necessary to eliminate the upper abdomen's excess skin. When the excess skin is trimmed off, the upper abdominal skin layer is pulled down vertically. Tightening and suturing the skin together follows, allowing the surgeon to construct a new belly button opening.

After the surgery, patients are advised to wear a compression garment to suppress any swelling and support the healing abdomen. Patients are also advised to wear loose clothes and to apply petroleum jelly on the incision stitches occasionally. Ice packs may also be helpful to help reduce the swelling and also suppress the swelling. A tummy tuck procedure takes about one week to heal, and results may be visible from the second and third weeks after the surgery.

Patients can follow Goals Plastic Surgery on various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to check out their ratings, reviews, and success stories of previous patients. 

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