Sustainable Investment Themes in 2021

(Credit: Sustainable Investment Themes in 2021) Sustainable Investment Themes in 2021
March 16
10:00 AM 2021

The last couple of years has seen a big shift towards sustainability. Companies and consumers alike are looking at the ways that they can behave more responsibly and have a positive impact on the planet. Investment comes in themes depending on trends at the time, and there is no doubt that sustainability is going to play a big role in both the near and longer-term future. So, let's look closer at a few sustainable investment themes in 2021. 

Tackling Climate Change 

For too long, it seems like the climate and business have been at odds. However, there has been more of a realization that this cannot be the case any longer. To avoid a disaster of our own making, we will have to make some radical changes, and governments around the world are realizing this crucial fact. So, whether you look to invest in a vegan restaurant chain or an electric car company, you can make a big difference here. More and more consumers are going to change their habits in the near-term future, and this is going to be driven by the actions that governments take, as well as pressure from other external factors. 

Improvements in Employee Welfare, Communities and Supply Chains 

Another major change that has taken place in recent times is that there has been a big shift towards awareness around mental health and wellbeing, particularly of those more vulnerable within our communities. With all of the changes that have taken place over the past year, in particular, it is obvious that things need to move on. As a result of this, investment trends are changing. There is more of an emphasis on the richest in society helping to play their role in supporting those less fortunate than themselves. Supply chains are also being thought about more acutely. Consumers are much more savvy these days, and they actually give thought to those people who they do not necessarily see at various points along the journey of receiving their products and services.

Ethics in a Digital World 

We live more and more of our lives online, and while these tools have provided all sorts of different benefits to us, they have also come along with more than their fair share of worries and concerns with regards to how data is being collected and used. Therefore, investors have been thinking about the ways in which they can create an online world with more regulation, protection, and harmony. The internet has been something of a wild west in the years since it has been established, but investors quickly realize that this cannot be the case forever. 

These are just three of the themes that are likely to play a central role in investment in the future. So, when you are thinking about rearranging your portfolio or investing in a big way, it is worth bearing each one of them carefully in mind. Otherwise, you may find that you end up getting left behind the crowd.

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