Shopify SEO: 5 Killer Ways to Optimize Your Store to Get More Traffic!

(Credit: Shopify SEO: 5 Killer Ways to Optimize Your Store to Get More Traffic!) Shopify SEO: 5 Killer Ways to Optimize Your Store to Get More Traffic!
March 13
10:52 AM 2021

With the innovative dais of Shopify, the world of online business has picked up in a major way. People have utilized its creative platform to the fullest to embark on a fabulous journey to success. Since SEO is a crucial factor for digital marketing, Shopify has bucked up customized SEO for its business people. It helps you get a hold of your target audience, and at the same time, aids your customers to discover you.   

If you wish to fly high in your Shopify store business and stir up sales, you need to pay heed to Shopify SEO. If you aim to increase sales, then this practical and easy-to-use SEO can help your brand build a powerful presence online and magnify your sales. 

If you're one of them, then you're in the right place. Here's a guide to strengthening your business using Shopify SEO.  

Build an Attractive and Clear Website: 

Shopify has excellent options for your page structure. So, make use of them and build groundbreaking landing pages. Whenever you create a website for eCommerce, keep in mind to build one free from complexity. Design an easy-to-go navigation page with your categories listed, and use the funnel to outline subcategories. Keep it organized to attract customers at the very first look. 

Create Compelling Contents

Before we move ahead to tips to curate eye-catching content, let's look at why it's important. According to research, 88% of customers prefer detailed product pages rather than small descriptions while making a purchase decision. After you are done writing an amazing product description, you have to focus on on-page content. 

  • Add creative and informational page titles.

  • Never compromise on meta descriptions. Keep it clear and precise.

  • Give a reason to purchase in meta descriptions. For example, price or swift delivery.

  • Use an appropriate keyword in every title.

And why is this important? If a person searches for something, Google shows billions of results and what it displays is the title and meta description you've set on your page. So, you can't afford to let go of customers just by unattractive and useless tags. 

Pay Heed to Backlinks

Remember that only a website is not enough to drive huge traffic or a tremendous number of sales. You need to toil more to grow your business. Once your website is ready to mesmerize, what you need next are backlinks to encourage more visitors to your site. If you're confused about which way to earn backlinks, then here are many tips for choosing the right one.  

  • Interlink your new page with an old one. Make sure the linked page is relevant and is worthy enough for the visitors to tap on it. 

  • Get linked to an authoritative site. This step can get you more audience, and your trustworthiness, will witness a rise. 

  • Optimize social media to the fullest. After posting awe-inspiring visuals or posters, leave a link to your site below. 

Spice Up Your Blogs

Writing creative and unique content can help you gain more traffic than you can imagine. According to an SEO Agency, 90% of marketers utilize their content pieces as an excellent way to get more backlinks. While you work hard to write premium content, use these rewarding yet straightforward tips to generate more viewers. 

  • Look for the right keyword.

  • Ace it with an attractive title.

  • Use high-quality images to entice readers.

  • Keep the content engaging and easy-to-read.

  • Don't force keywords falsely. Let the content flow seamlessly. 

Pictures Speak More Than Words

Make use of high-quality visuals to attract viewers. Also, ensure that it doesn't take ages to load because site speed is a crucial factor. We belong to an era where nobody waits. Hence, keep up with the site speed along with impressive images and videos. Also, Shopify does provide a sitemap. Accordingly, Google can read your photos. So, use relevant and stunning images that ensure that buyers will be smitten.  


With these expert killer tips, you can get more traffic to your stores. SEO is here to stay, so brush up on your SEO skills and optimize this Shopify SEO to reach the epitome of success. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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