Data Visualization Tools for Maximum Social Media Impact

(Credit: Data Visualization Tools for Maximum Social Media Impact) Data Visualization Tools for Maximum Social Media Impact
March 4
10:06 AM 2021

Using data in your social media posts is a great way to demonstrate your product or service's effectiveness. Unfortunately, sometimes data sets can be so big that it's virtually impossible to ascertain anything useful from them. This is where data visualization comes in.

Generating data visualizations is not a straightforward process. It'sIt's possible to build data visualizations from scratch, but this requires employing a designer and a good number of hours to complete. A far easier way is to use a data visualization tool. 

Let's explore some of the best data visualization tools that you can use to create impressive social media posts.


Maps are a great visualization tool for location-based data. For instance, map data visualization can show your social media audience how prevalent coffee shops are in their area, demonstrating the need for your coffee shop review app. 

Maptive offers geo-mapping software that allows you to transform large sets of data into a customizable map. It includes a variety of tools, including custom colors, route planning, geographic boundaries, census data, radiuses, and heat maps. Using these tools, you can present your data in the manner most suited to your purposes. For example, you could use a heat map to demonstrate where most website visitors click the most as a way to promote your web design services.


Infographics are a great way to pack large ideas into small spaces. They combine visual elements with the written word to present data in a succinct manner. Infographics are ideal for social media because they attract a user's attention. They are a great way to tell a story or make a case for your product or service's effectiveness.

Infogram is a drag-and-drop tool that is easy for even the non-designer to use. Finished infographics can be exported as PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, PDFs, and HTML. Furthermore, you have the option of creating interactive visualizations that can be embedded into a website or app. Infogram even offers a WordPress plugin to facilitate embedding visualizations for WordPress users.


Charts are a concise way to display data. They are particularly well suited to showing things like growth and data set comparisons. For example, you can show how your product or service compares to competitors. 

ChartBlocks allows users to import data from almost anywhere, including live feeds, using their API. This tool features a chart building wizard that helps users choose the appropriate data for their charts. Users can choose from dozens of chart types and then customize the said chart to their needs. Additionally, ChartBlocks offers a responsive output so you can embed your chart into any website and have it be viewable on a variety of devices. Furthermore, they integrate directly with Facebook and Twitter.


A popular choice for news websites, Datawrapper offers a clear and simple interface that makes it easy to upload CSV data and build detailed charts and maps. This tool is suitable for everyone, regardless of their design knowledge. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined by Datawrapper, and you'll have a chart, map, or table created in no time.

Users can create interactive charts and maps that can be exported as a PNG, SVG, or PDF file. Visualization types include bar, line, and column charts, election donuts, area charts, choropleth, symbol maps, locator maps, and scatter plots. The Datawrapper tool also includes a built-in color blindness checker, and their charts are mobile responsive. Furthermore, all charts can be annotated and customized.


Data visualization is a great way to present information about your product or service to a social media audience. Social media is a very visual platform, so presenting data in this way makes it more likely that you will get engagement from your target audience. For this reason, it's also crucial that you explore the customization options of each tool. To grab a person's attention on social media, your visual needs to be eye-catching. Therefore, you want to ensure that the tool you use will produce the best visual possible. You also need to consider your own technical capabilities. Consequently, you will want to choose the tool that offers the most moderate of learning curves.

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