Updates & Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2021

By Ernest Hamilton

Mar 03, 2021 09:19 AM EST

Updates & Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2021(Updates & Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2021) (Credit: Getty Image)

Referring to Microsoft dynamics 365 as a series of intelligent business applications is not a false narrative. After all, it runs a business and delivers productive results through AI-driven insights. As developers are introducing a new set of features, the update will only build and improve upon prior Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Updates for 2021

The 2021 release includes an array of newer capabilities across the application by bringing innovations to transform businesses. The following areas are going to be implemented with the advanced updates:

  • Sales (D365 Sales)

  • Service (D365 Customer Service & Field Service)

  • Marketing (D365 Marketing)

  • Finance and Operations

  • Human Resources

  • Commerce (D365 Commerce)

  • SMB (D365 Business Central)

  • Fraud Protection (D365 Fraud Protection)

  • Customer Insights (Engagement and Audience Insights)

  • Customer Voice (D365 Customer Voice)

New Intriguing Features of Dynamics 365

The promise to Dynamics 365 cost-effective for customers further made the platform more impactful for businesses. Alongside, it sports superior CRM performance, brilliant functionalities, and power-packed security. As businesses require just the right functionalities and securities that Dynamics 365 bring forth, here's introducing the must-highlighted features.

App Modules:

It's the most celebrated Dynamics 365 feature so far. It's nowhere an overstatement to say that Dynamics CRM has already allowed for app usage within it. And the inclusion of app modules just expands the given capabilities. It lets customers create a set of apps and use them without any limitation.

Site Map Designer:

It allows customers to build and edit those site maps without any third-party designer's help. Users get the license to create a unique site map for each application in deployment or as a handy directory for each category. Its relevancy to let customers customize sites with regard to their personal preference, industry, or business is a sheer highlight.

Relevance Search:

This search feature allows users to find words, key phrases, or matches on the basis of relevance. The new update lets users power database searches with a smart search engine. The platform gives users a chance to expect more accuracy with their results.

Relationship Insights:

Another pivotal resource is Dynamics 365's Relationship Insights that tracks & records the interactions and communication of customers. Once it's gathered, Dynamics 365 analyzes provide suggestions. The relationship insights feature guides users through communications, interactions, and daily work. Some actions advised by this relationship insights feature are upcoming activities reminders, inactive contacts suggestions, alerts on emails awaiting replies, and notifications for ready-to-close opportunities.

Mobile Abilities:

Dynamic 365 users have greeted the experience of using it on their mobile devices. And much to the knowledge of tech gurus and fans, it has greatly improved. With an allowance for timelines, video players, and calendars, it has introduced layouts, workspaces, editable grids, colors, tracking and other work task flows.

Final Thoughts

With Dynamics 365, it's unjustifiable to limit the list of top features only to the ones mentioned above. But, for a beginner, these five features can give a good understanding of how your experience might seem. Once you start implementing the use of Dynamics 365 to generate business, you'll start having a commendable experience.

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