3 Digital Marketing Trends Every Brand Must Leverage in 2021 as per Ahmad Yasir

(Credit: 3 Digital Marketing Trends Every Brand Must Leverage in 2021 as per Ahmad Yasir) 3 Digital Marketing Trends Every Brand Must Leverage in 2021 as per Ahmad Yasir
March 2
2:54 PM 2021

Digital marketing has taken over the world of social media, primarily since audiences have continuously found ways to avoid ads. In the age of targeted ads, users can now receive advertisements that are relevant to them, but this isn't enough to capture their attention and keep it.

Ahmad Yasir is a serial entrepreneur who is taking brand marketing to the next level. Through his expertise and experience, Yasir is highlighting trends that every brand needs to look out for and leverage in 2021.

  • Artificial intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and businesses need to warm up to it if they haven't already. According to Yasir, AI, AR and VR are at the heart of global business growth in 2021 and the coming years. Very shortly, businesses, significantly accelerated by the pandemic, will be using AR for their digital engagement. Given this eventuality, Yasir recommends that business owners start preparing and embracing these trends now. 

  • Personalization

The age of informed customers is not going away. If anything, consumers have more information than ever before. This means businesses need to personalize their marketing efforts as people won't fall for generic ads and actions anymore.

Yasir cautions that the age of personalization is fast evolving as consumers continue to prefer informed brands. We're heading towards an era where consumers will require that businesses know and understand their purchase patterns and help them make their next purchase. Today, consumers are very conscious about the data they share, and brands that want to succeed in 2021 need to start acting on the data that consumers have willingly offered up.

  • Virtual events

The pandemic rendered virtual events a necessity, and now, in 2021, though still a need, virtual events are here to stay. The digital space is a fast-paced scene, and it takes a very short time for people to adapt to a change and for that change to solidify. Even as businesses continue to hope for a return to 'normalcy,' business owners need to accept that virtual events are now part of their business. 

Yasir notes that many consumers have adjusted to attending virtual events, getting information from brands without needing to travel or incur costs, and they'll want to continue this luxury. In digital marketing, fast-moving brands that can smell trends before they begin to take shape are the most successful. It is a space that requires brands to be daring and ready to adapt at a minute's notice.

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