Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Retail Trader Platforms to Become Lasting Major Market Players?

(Credit: Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Retail Trader Platforms to Become Lasting Major Market Players?) Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Retail Trader Platforms to Become Lasting Major Market Players?
March 2
2:29 PM 2021

Stock and Forex Trader Samuel Leach from Samuel and Co Trading, recognised as one of Yahoo Finance's Top Traders To Follow in 2020, ranked 7th in the Fintech Disruptor Awards (2020) and the subject of "The Real Forex Trader" documentary, had this to say about retail investing, and investing in facilitative platforms and supporting technology. 

Quarter 1 of 2021 has proven to be an extraordinary financial period. On top of the unique pressures imposed by COVID-19 and the global response, the 'WallStreetBets' conflict with Wall Street's hedge funds over GameStop stocks was simply without direct precedent. It was 5000-1 Leicester City FC winning the 2016 Premier League, the US Ice Hockey team's 1980 'Miracle on Ice' against the USSR, and the proverbial 'David and Goliath' face-off all rolled into one. 

Whilst there are obvious and tragic distinctions, some critical experts may compare this 'individual-v-The System' story to the storming of the US Capital, only a couple of weeks or so before. To many who hold Wall Street as sacrosanct as the US views its Republican Democracy, it was just as shocking to watch it unfold. 

Legendary former stockbroker and commentator, Jordan Belfort offered his support for the movement stating in a Fox News interview, in his own inimitable way, that: 

"The big guys were colluding, doing this stuff, right? So now the little guy finally has the ability to play that same game at least somewhat, and there is going to be a radical change". 

Belfort identified that this as not a one-off event but a paradigm shift in the operation of the market, and E-brokerages and Retail Trading Platforms are the catalysts behind this revolution.  Within this context, I have looked in-depth at investment in this facilitative technology, and in particular FDCTech, Inc. (OTCMKTS: FDCT).

Whether cause or effect, retail trader activity has increased from 10% of market activity in 2019 to ⅕ of all market activity in 2021, pushing to ¼ at peak times. E-brokerages are offering a range of enticements from cut commission fees and attractive interest rates, which appear to be fueling this radical change. Key players, Interactive Brokers, have measured growth in excess of 100% growth and Charles Schwab boasts an extra 3 million users over 2020. This is before its TD Ameritrade acquisition and its 1 million extra accounts in January 2021. Forex traders are adding to this phenomenon, with figures outlined below. This trend seems to have legs.

It is often said that the auxiliary shops and businesses were the real beneficiaries of the San Fransisco Gold Rush. In much the same way it may be the facilitative businesses that really benefit from this new Retail Trading gold rush. One such company is FDCTech, Inc., a FinTech company providing a high-quality trading platform as part of a full FX and crypto-tech suite of business solutions.   

Its flagship product 'Condor FX Pro' trading platform offers a customisable multi-asset trading platform for Forex, crypto, stocks and commodities, which is integrated within the broader product suite. It has been rated as unique for its trading tech and FDCTech's Forex business know-how and capacity for development. FDCTech's B2B offerings enable integration and advanced analytics in real-time with customisable solutions and customer services to support. 

Condor FX Pro platform offers trading solutions to Forex and CFD brokers for their trader clients, as well as back-office support. It is highly customisable for a broad asset range. Its institutional aesthetics will appeal to sophisticated clients with industry-standard analytical tools built-in. As well as competitive pricing, each Forex broker is assigned a dedicated team to support use through its web and mobile device operations. FDCTech boasts its utility for both white- and grey- label providers.

In addition, conformance with leading liquidity provider oneZero Financial Systems LLC will allow market players to connect with leading Forex providers in London, New York, and Tokyo on a favourable basis when compared to other equivalent platforms, with additional analytics capability. 

FDCTech indicates they have signed a term sheet for 100% of Genesis Financial, a diversified Wealth Management business operating predominantly through two Australian corporate entities. It is expected this coming together will enable Genesis to have a competitive advantage in the technology race with associated benefits for its Wealth Management business growth and clientele. 

OTC trading commenced in January 2021 for FDCTech, and despite one trough, it has supplied a healthy return of just short of 90%, with profit margins in excess of 10%. This may be merely just a start due to the interest in e-brokerages, the growth in retail traders, and the interest of large banking corporations. Fundamentals may provide further evidence in due course on the back of the Condor FX Pro trading platform, FDCTech's principle FDCTech product, and FDCTech's 100% equity interest in Genesis Financial.  

FDCTech, Inc. has experienced leadership in FinTech, including a collected 15 years in Forex development, Forex crypto-solutions and Blockchain development, and 30 years of business development. CEO Mitch Eaglstein has extensive experience in this sector having led a Dubai FX company to $45 million annualised trading revenue within its first year and gaining a top 20 Forex global broker ranking by volume. This all bodes well for robust Corporate Governance within a FinTech and e-brokerage context. 

I consider further research in FDCTech, Inc. is merited for the following reasons: 

  1. Retail trading activity, including the type seen in the GameStop situation, averages at 20% of all stock market activity, rising to just shy of a quarter on peak-activity days. This is a substantial rise from just 10% in only a couple of years; 

  2. Some E-brokerages are reporting growth against the same quarter last year, roughly 110% against some measures. This has attracted the attention of major investment banks with them getting 'skin in the game' through acquisitions, including Morgan Stanely seeking to acquire 'E-Trade' for $13 billion;

  3. With an FX trading increase of around 300% generating $6.6 trillion per day, FDCTech, Inc. creates FinTech for Forex brokers to increase sales whilst cutting costs, providing bespoke services to their clients, and anticipating challenges; 

  4. FDCTech's flagship offering of Condor FX Pro provides customisable trading solutions for Forex and CFD brokers and is integrated with oneZero Financial Systems LLC;

  5. FDCTech's strong and experienced Leadership in FX and business development and Cryptocurrencies bodes well for the company's future; and,  

  6. Share performance since trading commencement in January 2021 indicates market confidence in FDCTech, Inc. 

Reflecting on these factors, Retail Trading platforms and associated technologies and companies like FDCTech, Inc. are worth a further review - see its website for your own due diligence. 

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