Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Getting a Measure on Wearable Technology - For Better Health and RoI?

(Credit: Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Getting a Measure on Wearable Technology - For Better Health and RoI?) Expert Trader Samuel Leach: Getting a Measure on Wearable Technology - For Better Health and RoI?
February 23
10:01 AM 2021

Stock and Forex Trader Samuel Leach from Samuel and Co Trading, recognised as one of Yahoo Finance's Top Traders To Follow in 2020, ranked 7th in the Fintech Disruptor Awards (2020) and the subject of "The Real Forex Trader" documentary, had this to say about investing in the Connected Health Market and Biotricity, in particular.

There are some who fear, rightly or wrongly, that we are on a slippery slope of entering a post-human age where every facet of our very nature will be uploadable on some form of technological platform, or where our physical body can be substituted to create a 'Six Million Dollar' bionic human ("We have the technology...") so that to speak of humans in biological terms would be utterly anachronistic. 

Irrespective of that philosophical debate, the Wearable Technology market (including connected health and the Internet of Medical Things 'IoMT') is one of the most exciting areas of technological advancement and by extension growth and possible return on investment ('RoI').  

Within this context, I have looked in-depth at investment in digital healthcare wearables, particularly Biotricity (OTC: BTCY).

IoMT, or the interconnected network of clinical or medical devices, equipment and patients or service users, is a big growth area. With greater life expectancy accompanied by more complex and chronic medical conditions, and an ever-expanding technological toolkit and internet reliance, the global market for IoMT by some measures is expected to grow from $44.5 million (2018 figures) to in excess of $254 million in 2026. More broadly the total connected market value could reach as high as $188 billion by 2024. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic response healthcare providers have relied on distance assessment and greater utility of technology in patient care, not only for COVID-security reasons but also to facilitate colossal financial savings. Within this context the $300 billion savings due to the roll-out and use of digital wearable healthcare devices, predicted by Goldman Sachs, are comprehensible. 

Biotricity delivers remote biometric monitoring hardware and software to both the healthcare and consumer markets, with a view to disrupting the chronic care sector and management. Its foundational Mobile Cardiac Telemetry ('MCT') innovation is 'Bioflux'. This device, with an integrated cellular modem, provides real-time ECG (including arrhythmia detection) monitoring and interfaces with pre-existing clinical IT platforms, as well as delivering its own intuitive and bespoke app. Biotricity claims this system is currently monitoring 100 billion heartbeats a year. Its 'Bioheart' release, scheduled for 2021, is for long-term monitoring for daily use, in contrast to Bioflux's finite period monitoring.

'Biocare Telemed' offers a virtual clinic platform for remote patient monitoring and physician engagement. In addition to its monitoring function, it can also support diagnostics and manage administration functions too, including appointment booking.  

Biotricity, within this rapidly growing market, and through its innovative track and analysis wearable technology, has secured significant victories by recording $1 million (USD) revenue in Q3 as part of a year-over-year quarterly revenue increase of 163%. Biotricity CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq adds "Our sequential quarterly growth [c.34%] really illustrates the importance of our technology and model, where we are enabling a cardiologist while improving patient care". This comes after the FDA submission for its 'Biotres' 3-lead patch for ECG, arrhythmia monitoring, and other cardiac issues diagnosis. Biotricity is already eyeing the release of its pain management app for 2021 as part of its expansion into Telemedicine. 

Biotricity has secured c.110% return between a trough in November 2020 and its position in January 2021, with strong momentum behind it, with the support of several technical indicators including 20, 50, 100, and 200 Day Moving Average, and 20-50, 20-100 and 20-200 Day MACD Oscillator. An annual profit margin increase of 224% off the back of 2020 supports the analysis. 

Biotricity is pushing forward with strategic research and development partnerships in order to expand. Work with Rare Genomics will provide greater data to support predictive monitoring, and a partnership with the University of Calgary's Biomedical Engineering Department and Medicine School hopes to explore fetal and maternal heart rates and labour contractions with a view to progressing AI in clinical interpretation. 

Biotricity has experienced leadership in wireless communications, medical technology, and the medical device industry,  which bodes well for robust Corporate Governance within the connected health and wearables context. 

I consider further research in Biotricity is merited for the following reasons: 

  1. With measures outlined above the total connected health market seems to be a significant growth area, with wearables offering massive financial and patient care advantages;

  2. Biotricity is disrupting care management and delivering innovative solutions including its Bioflux 4 in 1 Mobile Cardiac Telemetry MCT device with software with FDA clearance;

  3. Telemedicine could be the future of clinical consultations, with Biotricity at the forefront of innovation and partnership development to facilitate delivery; and, 

  4. Biotricity boasts an impressive profit growth margin and strong returns and technicals. 

Reflecting on these factors, the Connected Health and Wearables market, and companies like Biotricity, are worth a further review - see its website for your own due diligence. 

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