First Things First: Starting Your Podiatry Practice With Weave

(Credit: First Things First: Starting Your Podiatry Practice With Weave) First Things First: Starting Your Podiatry Practice With Weave
February 22
10:09 PM 2021

After three years of residency, you are now ready to practice on the right foot as a podiatrist. And so you'll want to open up your clinic. You might be racking your brain on how to get started. How to attract patients, manage your schedule, hire the right staff--all these points are running around your mind, waiting to be organized.

It can be daunting as you embark on this next step on your journey as a health practitioner alone. But with a few startup clinic tips and tricks to guide you and software to help manage your tasks, you can start your podiatry even with your eyes shut. Read more about Weave and podiatry advice here:

Weave And Podiatry

Weave is an all-inclusive software solution that features a two-way texting function, web-based phone system, instant payment processing, patient insights, and many more. This software intends to help businesses with customer growth and communication by tackling hectic call times while optimizing possibilities throughout the patient's clinical journey.

Weave makes podiatry practice management more convenient for you. You can finish every task by only using the software's mobile app installed on your office phone. Since most people prefer online appointments these days, it is easier to respond to inquiries and collect payments without leaving the confines of your home. Install it now and see the wonders for yourself!

Starting Podiatry Practice

Balancing your role as a business owner and a healthcare provider is important to achieve a successful podiatry practice. There is no absolute way to make all those mentioned above happen, and the journey will not be easy, but by learning more on how to responsibly commit to your profession, everything will make sense. Check how you can get started below:

  • Decide On Your Specialization

Before you can get referrals, you should start doing what you're especially good at. You may decide to focus on plantar fasciitis treatment as your specialization. Study more about musculoskeletal history. Administer Biomech assessment. You cannot expect your patients to trust you with their medical problems if you are not thorough with your specialization.  

  • Seek For Opportunities

Starting your podiatry clinic will not show up on its own. You will have to work hard on it first. Seek, with an open mind, novel ways of providing the best health care to your patients. As everything is done online nowadays, you should consider offering online consultations that cater to either the elderly or off-season athletes

  • Grow Personal Network

Make meaningful connections from all walks of life. Broaden your horizon by establishing a relationship in and out of the medical community. Since you're on your phone or computer all day long, talk to your friends, colleagues, or staff. You wouldn't expect what opportunity may come your way as you grow a vast personal network.  

  • Prioritize Patient Satisfaction

You have to earn the trust and satisfaction of your patients to get good sales and reviews. Enhance your patients' clinical experiences by tailoring to their needs. You may schedule courtesy reminder calls or show a positive and professional attitude during appointments. After all, exceeding their expectations begins and ends with your professional ability.  

  • Invest On The Right Tools

As a registered podiatrist, you should only use medical instruments of high quality. Invest in a proper tool that suits your preferences as a professional. Take note of this in every clinical situation you'll face and prioritize this at all times. You might prefer a concave nipper better than a straight cutting edge. 

  • Invest On A Good Website

As you can find everything on the internet, investing in a good business website can bring you more private patients. Websites are expensive, and you have to prepare your wallet for this as you are still starting. But if done properly, it can be a good investment for your business to grow. 

If you are short in cash, you may want to follow the following steps: (1) Start with a homepage and pick only one pathology to treat. (2) Hire a good SEO to turn your page into a top-ranking page on the internet. If you have a bigger budget after doing the steps mentioned above, repeat it on a different pathology you want to focus on. 

  • Always Keep Your Patient's Details

As a new podiatrist, you might be tempted to let another GP or physiotherapy clinic make your booking. Never do this. Your businesses' money or income as a health practitioner relies on your patients' details. You might want to utilize Weave's functions to help you keep an organized list of your patient's medical information.


Taking the first step in starting your podiatry practice may be challenging for you. It will take a good amount of your time, strength, and money. But with the right tool and mindset with you, everything will pay off in the long run. Patience is the key, and you have to earn it in your journey as a healthcare provider.

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