Pros and Cons of Using Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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February 15
3:59 PM 2021

Wrist blood pressure monitors are currently being used by millions of Americans today. But before you purchase a wrist blood pressure monitor on your own, here are some essential things you have to know first. These wrist monitors, also called blood pressure monitors or digital blood pressure monitors, are very convenient to use. You can place it on your wrist and take it off whenever you like. And its dimensions are taken each second it is working.

But there are some cons about the wrist blood pressure monitor. For one, these monitors are usually not calibrated because professionals don't use them. Usually, its measurements are inaccurate. This means that if your doctor wants you to make alterations in your observation, he would have to look at your arm cuff and arm pressure monitors results.

And since it's usually not calibrated, the result is not reliable. You might get wrong results, especially when your arm or wrist is not positioned correctly. There are many excellent blood pressure machines now. Most models come with an arm and wrist monitor, which is calibrated. Should you buy one, make certain that the brand and the model have the same calibration system so you will receive reliable results every time.

It would help if you remembered that these wrist blood pressure monitors do not provide you the specific reading of your pressure as it does not have a digital readout. It only has a sound signal. Most doctors recommend using an upper arm monitor because it provides the maximum accuracy results. The wrist blood pressure monitor doesn't have this advanced technology, so its accuracy can't be compared.

Additionally, these wrist blood pressure monitors are only worthwhile during physical activity. They are not recommended for tracking during sedentary activities like sitting and sleeping at home. Please use an upper arm monitor to monitor your hypertension as well as other medical problems. Aside from that, if you're using the arm track and feel pain on the region where your arm joint joins the shoulder blade, you need to contact your doctor immediately. Don't dismiss this as these pains may be signs of high blood pressure.

Additionally, it would be best if you never stuck to watches and thermometers that give incorrect readings. Why? Because these are only designed to provide the average pressure and not the actual pressure required for your treatment and monitoring. If you don't use an accurate wrist blood pressure monitor but still get a precise result, among the possible reasons could be the errors in the monitor's settings. So, be certain that your wrist blood pressure monitor and its settings are tested first before putting it to use.

One of the major features that many wrist blood pressure monitor comes with is a large display. This large display is excellent in that you check your blood pressure when resting or doing other activities. It would be great if you can see the numbers even when you are tired or sleeping.

The upper arm monitors with big LCDs are easy to use. They are convenient and easy to read, and programs can be stored easily. Another essential characteristic of these monitors is the ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear. Also, it gives accurate readings. Other great things about these monitors are that they're not so expensive and affordable to most people, especially those not medical professionals.

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