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Luis Jorge Rios Shares 5 Insights to Help Entrepreneurs Reinvent Their Businesses in 2021

Luis Jorge Rios Shares 5 Insights to Help Entrepreneurs Reinvent Their Businesses in 2021 (Credit: Luis Jorge Rios Shares 5 Insights to Help Entrepreneurs Reinvent Their Businesses in 2021)
February 12
3:16 PM 2021

Luis Jorge Rios is a journalism coach. He uses his time to interview billionaires to figure what makes them flourish. Here are his 5 insights to help you reinvent your business in 2021.

Wholesome engagement

 Businesses have a spirit, and in 2021, it'll be imperative for them to show it. If you are a Kombucha company, take your audience inside your kitchen; if you are a bitcoin expert, bring your insights to your customers for free; if you are a beer company, share your brewing process, and so on. This will take away the sterility associated with business and help the audience see where their product comes from.

Social media presence

Being on social media has become so matter-of-fact that it doesn't need much pointing out except for the fact that it isn't just about being everywhere online, but being fun, engaging, insightful, creative, and more no matter which platform you choose to be on. And with Instagram and YouTube making room for businesses by providing features that help business owners reach out to their customers more directly and more quickly than ever before, it's important to keep your content relevant.

Harnessing the power of podcasts

Podcasts are where conversations are at. And with some really interesting podcasts being introduced online, it's interesting to note that they make room for genuine conversations to take place. You can either start your podcast revolving around your product, inviting competitors and collaborators alike, or you can request your presence on podcasts that have already made a mark in the public domain. The key takeaway is that podcasts help you create a new audience or harness one that already exists.

System automation

BI and AI will be the buzzwords of 2021. Promising high efficiency and improved product analysis, business automation is here to stay. As a growing business, you are sure to find yourself juggling multiple aspects of your business; automation will help ease that load to a large extent, allowing you to do what you like best-grow your business.


Last but not the least, collaboration, the distant cousin of networking, will be key to determining the longevity of your business. It's about exploring those areas of your business where experts from other fields can join in and take things to the next level. It'll help you see your business in a way you never saw before.

The new normal in business is just beginning. 2021 will show us what it's going to look like.

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