How Do Companies Attract and Hire Industrial Engineers?

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Jan 18, 2021 01:45 PM EST

Don't know how to let industrial engineers choose your startup for collaboration? Currently, has the goal to hire an industrial engineer for a certain project? Go on reading!

Industrial engineering accentuates optimizing the way small businesses and startups adopt work processes and design solutions. As far as their skills and tech competencies may be used in various industries (aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, and so on), industrial engineers can easily find jobs or change careers.

Why do businesses badly need industrial engineers? Those professionals are problem-solvers who implement their knowledge of manufacturing peculiarities and critical thinking skills to optimize business processes within a certain organization. Because their job, as a rule, demands them to supervise a startup's total manufacturing system, top industrial engineers should know how to organize a broad system perspective and be ready to represent individual approach/ready solutions regarding a project lifecycle.

Hiring engineers is a challenge. As far as the best industrial engineers are in extremely high demand, such professionals usually "run the world," i.e. they pick and choose which job offer among dozens to accept. Most recruiters find it a problem! How do companies attract and hire the most talented industrial engineers? Many of them establish a partnership with engineering companies & contractors. Others prefer implementing the following strategies to recruit engineering professionals. So, let's take a look at them now.

How Do Companies Attract and Hire Industrial Engineers?
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Be the Employer Engineers Dream to Partner

To attract and hire industrial engineers, small businesses and startups should be the kind of employer they are eager to collaborate with. Recruiters should bear in mind that financial motivation is a pretty big part however, it is a temporary motivator. Those engineering specialists that choose the most exciting jobs pay much attention to factors apart from salary.

For instance, several industrial engineers desire to occupy positions where they can influence business processes and witness positive results of their efforts. Others are searching for employers that can provide them with the advantage to upgrade their skills/learning and development opportunities.

So, to attract and hire the greatest industrial engineers, many reputable companies invest in learning and development opportunities and embark on truly ambitious projects that could attract the nicest specialists.

Job Description Which Resembles a Masterpiece

Forget about a job description when you just enlist tasks and responsibilities. It is a failed strategy! Considering how complicated it is to attract good engineering professionals, a perfect job description should keep a balance between a part with general info (responsibilities within a certain project) and inclining in the style "why you should join us."

When it comes to posting a catchy industrial engineering job description, the first thing you should accentuate is explaining how a certain position fits in with your overall startup strategy. This is the thing that appeals to specialists who don't consider salary as the only factor that motivates them.

Then, recruiters should focus on the bonuses a candidate will enjoy if they choose to work for this very startup. Mention all the benefits of the role (for example, comfy office environment, remote work, free gym, and so on, and persuade how engineers benefit from those things).

Think Over the Right Questions

When conducting interviews with potential candidates for industrial engineering jobs, it is crucial to ask questions about the responsibilities they will be performing. Recruiters should be sure that an industrial engineer can prove their qualification, prior experience, and technical awareness.

Instead of asking irritating questions like "what role they would like to occupy in five years' term," ask questions to identify the specific tools they use to cope with some cases. It would be great to tell them a hypothetical situation and ask what they would do to solve a challenge.

Prepare "Immediate Job Offers"

What does that mean? Imagine the following situation. Finally, you have found a candidate that completely satisfies all the requirements of the hiring manager and they desire to hire them. Here, speed is the determinant!

Slow reaction is losing a good candidate. In case you possess clearly described role levels with precise salary variations, then recruiters should negotiate the preparation of job offers without an approval procedure. This needs a super close partnership between the recruiter and the hiring manager because the financial factor will be the main question in the job offer.

So, build the interviewing procedure the way you can send an offer the same day as the interview. This demonstrates your sincere interest in this very industrial engineer.

Publish on Appropriate Job Portals

As a rule, publishing a vacancy on several traditional job websites brings lots of unsuitable CVs from people that prefer a one-click application approach. Just imagine how much time you will waste while sorting out dozens of "nonliquid" resumes. Additionally, you will miss many appropriate ones! Here, an ideal solution is to post on specific job boards (for example, boards where exclusively industrial engineers are allowed to search for jobs). Such websites might provide recruiters with less CVs, however, they will be relevant.

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