How Much is a Pest Control Service in Sacramento?

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December 8
8:41 PM 2020

You've been looking into pest control, but you can't quite commit to a company. You want to make sure you're getting the best deal on your pest control as possible - but you also want to know that you're paying for good, effective pest control.

The problem is that it seems so much cheaper to just go to the store and buy a pesticide that you can spray yourself. Do you really need to pay someone to do that for you? 

It's a good question, and the price of service is always an important factor to consider when you start looking into pest control in Sacramento. You deserve to have the best service possible with a price tag you can afford. The store-bought pesticides usually aren't the best option, but you also shouldn't choose the first pest control service you come across.

Average Cost of Pest Control in Sacramento

Pricing pest control isn't always simple. On average, a typical pest control treatment in Sacramento ranges from about $150 to about $190. However, the price can vary depending on a few different factors. 

For example, one consideration is the size of your home. If your home is smaller than average, the cost may be slightly lower, but if you have a large home, the cost of the pest control treatment will be higher. The reason for this is that treating a larger home requires using more pest treatment than treating a smaller home does. And using more treatment costs the company more money, so they have to charge you more as well. 

Another factor that goes into pricing pest control is the type of pests you want to get rid of. The treatments for mice might be different than those for spiders. Different treatments will likely have different costs, so it's important to check what those costs could be before getting a pest treatment done on your home or workplace.

One way to make sure you know how much pest control services will cost you is to sign up for a regular treatment plan. Not every company has this option, but some will come and do routine treatments on your home every few months, and the cost for each of those treatments should be about the same. 

Questions to Consider When Choosing Pest Control

The easiest way to make sure you're getting quality pest control in Sacramento is to ask yourself some key questions when you begin your search for a good company. Price is important to consider, but it shouldn't be the only factor you base your decision on. So here are some questions you need to ask yourself when you're choosing a pest control company.

1. What is Your Budget?

Cost is super important to consider in this decision, so one of the best things you can ask yourself before hiring pest control is, "What is my budget?" Then assess your current financial situation. You may decide that the only pest control you can afford right now is a can of pesticide from the grocery store, or you might realize that you actually can afford good professional pest control services.

Again, the cost isn't the only consideration in this decision, so don't decide too quickly to stick with the grocery store pesticides. If your pest problem is severe enough, you may need to make some temporary changes to your budget to afford the professional pest control services you need to protect your home and family from pest infestations. 

Once you know what your budget can be for pest control, you'll have a good idea of which companies' services you can afford and which you can't. This will narrow down some of the options on the table and make your decision easier. 

2. How Severe is Your Pest Problem?

You're right - that can of grocery store pesticide can be really tempting when money is tight. But you also need to keep in mind the severity of your pest problem because an infestation can not only be an annoyance, but also a danger to your home and family.

So ask yourself, "How bad is that pest problem?" If you see an occasional spider or fly, but not much else, you may be able to get away with using the grocery store pesticides. But if you see pests frequently - whether it's spiders, mice, or anything else - you may have an infestation. And grocery store pesticides just aren't capable of eradicating an infestation. 

Infestations can be tricky to get rid of if you don't use the right materials. And with some pests, this can be a matter of significant danger. This is especially true when it comes to pests like cockroaches or termites. Cockroaches can spread diseases to you and your family, plus cause various health problems, while termites will literally destroy your home. Saving money isn't worth the health and safety of your family and home.

Do what you can to determine how bad your pest problem is. Doing so will help you know how necessary it is to call the professionals, and you'll be able to guess what sort of treatments you might need to make your home and family safe. 

3. Can You Get a Quote?

Now that you have a good idea of which pest control you can afford and which treatments you may need, you can start reaching out to the companies that best fit your needs. When you chat with each company's representatives, ask them, "Will you give me a quote before you treat my home?"

Some companies aren't willing to give quotes on the price of their services, and you may want to avoid choosing those companies to treat your home. If a company won't give you a quote, they may charge more than necessary, and you wouldn't have a way to hold them accountable if they did. It's best to choose a company that will give you a good idea of the costs of their services.

You might be able to find companies that give online quotes. This is a handy option because online quotes often don't require a commitment of any sort to get the quote. You can get the information you need and move on. But whether online or not, make sure to get a quote for your own financial protection. 

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