Every Thriving Business Needs a Legal Executive on the Team

(Credit: Every Thriving Business Needs a Legal Executive on the Team) Every Thriving Business Needs a Legal Executive on the Team
November 10
11:15 AM 2020

As your business expands, becomes more profitable, and builds its executive team to sustain its growth and capitalize on new opportunities, it needs the right legal talent. Of course, finding a competent legal professional isn't easy. Your lawyer must be experienced, skilled and proficient in the area of your business. 

Finding the right legal executive involves interviews, referral checks, background checks, and more. Your hire should communicate clearly and fit in with your company culture. To match with the perfect legal professional, you may also need some legal insight. 

When building their executive teams, most reputable organizations use a legal recruitment firm like The Heller Group - which is created and led by lawyers. This agency has been headhunting executives for over 18 years, serving law firms, banks, telecommunication companies, property management companies, multinational corporations, and others. They specialize in getting it right the first time in order to save you time, money, and energy. 

With the assistance of the right legal recruitment firm, you can find a lawyer who can help your company in the following ways:

1. Lawsuits 

One of the biggest mistakes your organization can make is to hire a lawyer at the last minute. A lawyer usually only helps with damage control after a suit is filed, in terms of court, settlement, and other legal fees. Hire a lawyer for your business now, so they can help you navigate legal waters as you grow.

2. Contracts and Invoices

After your lawyer understands your business, they can develop contracts and invoices for your employees, clients, and vendors and help you steer clear of trouble. For example, a good employment lawyer can write an airtight contract in order for you to avoid wrongful dismissal claims down the road. Likewise, a legally sound invoice will protect you in court against a debtor who refuses to pay. A business lawyer can also help you create enforceable penalties on invoices to improve your accounts receivable turnover ratio. 

3. Taxes

While your accountant can manage basic tax-related issues, a lawyer with tax expertise can prevent serious issues with taxation. You don't want to give big brother an excuse to stall your operations. Moreover, the right lawyer can find legally sound opportunities for credits and deductions to ease your tax burden. 

4. Property

Whether your company owns intellectual property or real estate, a good business lawyer can help you shield both from theft and liabilities. For example, your lawyer can draft a waiver, lowering your liability in the unlikely event of an injury on your property. Likewise, a competent business lawyer can protect your intellectual property from copyright infringement

5. Bankruptcy 

Due to the current economic climate, many businesses file for bankruptcy to reorganize their business. A business lawyer can guide your organization through the treacherous waters, develop a plan for your creditors, and help your company rebound.   

These are just a few ways a lawyer on your executive team can help your company. Remember, it's always best to use an experienced and reputable legal recruitment firm for the best outcome. 

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