Here's How You Choose The Right Weight Scale For Your Business

(Credit: Here's How You Choose The Right Weight Scale For Your Business) Here's How You Choose The Right Weight Scale For Your Business
November 4
2:14 PM 2020

It is not easy to find the right weighing machine, but these tips can help you find your business's best weight scale. 

No matter what you are selling, a weighing solution is often a necessity. If you want to keep things accurate while doing business, ensuring you market the right quantity of product at the right price, you need a proper weight scale to measure.

Today's weighing solutions available are versatile, and you can find numerous models. However, you have to pick your weighing solution that fits your business.  You need to thoroughly research your options if you want to find a weighing solution that helps your business to uphold efficiency.

Weight accuracy is an essential factor in ensuring that you comply with the trade regulation in the marketplace. Don't let inaccurate weight scales tip your business in the wrong direction.  We have put together a few tips on how to find the right scale for your business.

Weight Capacity Range

If you research a good weight solution provider such as American Scale, you will see many types of weight scales available. So, how do you choose the right one?

The key is to find the scale made for your product. For example, you cannot use the same scale to weigh cattle and beverages.  When choosing the right weight scale for your business, the most critical factor is the product's weight range, material, etc. Simply ask yourself, how heavy is the stuff that you will be weighing?

If you can figure out the minimum and maximum weight of the things you need to weigh for your business, you can understand what kind of weighing machine you need. The capacity you need is the priority.

The Size of the Objects Weighed

Another critical factor is the size of the objects you are weighing. If you are running a shop that sells precious stones, you need a weight machine to weigh minute objects.

On the other hand, if you are running a factory or doing imports/exports and producing products in bulk, you will want a weighing solution that can weigh large masses at once. Some companies do quick weighing without unloading the materials, and they use axel scales that can weigh the entire truck.

So, before you can buy your weight scales, you need to figure out the size of the objects that you will weigh and look into the range of options available for weighing them.

The Weighing Environment

Before buying the weighing scales, you must fully understand the environment of the location where it will be used. When you use your scale within the comfort of a warehouse, where it is dry and cool, you do not need to worry much.

However, if you are using it outdoors or within a humid factory where the temperatures run high, you need a weighing scale that can stand extreme environments.

Some weighing scales are also sensitive to where they are placed and can give inaccurate readings on uneven grounds.

If you invest in a machine that rusts easily but needs to operate in a humid area or somewhere it might get wet often, it will be a waste of money.

What Are You Selling?

Trade compliance and regulations are an important part of trading some goods. If you are importing food such as apples, coffee, tea, etc., the kind of weight scales you need must go with trade compliance for accurate measurements.

Anything that is priced and sold according to weight needs to comply with global standards of trade compliance. For example, if you are exporting gold, the weight will be related to the price; hence, if you do not reveal the metal's accurate weight, the transaction can be considered fraud.

For these cases, commercial-grade weighing scales that continuously give the right measurements are a must. To avoid fines, you have to make sure the scales you buy complies with the global standards.

Scales According To The Industry

There are various scales available for you to buy, but the scales you require will be different according to industries. For example, for pharmaceuticals, you need to get the exact weight of small objects. Pharmaceuticals use different kinds of scales for these measurements.

One example is analytical balances. These are extremely sensitive, and a little bit of air current can affect the weight. That is why analytical balances often come with plastic or glass enclosures so that the weight can be measured in a controlled environment.

Bakeries use a type of kitchen scale that can weigh the right amount of ingredients needed for creating large batches of food items. Depending on the industry, what you need will vary.

Budgeting Your Scales

If you have already set aside a budget for your scales before doing your research, you might have to change it. The quality of your scales depends on your budget.

As mentioned before, some industries heavily rely on the weight of the products to set the price. If you end up selling goods with inaccurate weights, you might get fined or even lose your trading license. That will also threaten your credibility, brand image, and trustworthiness.

If you buy a cheap scale that gives wrong readings, needs to be fixed or replaced frequently, it will negatively affect your business.

Paying a little higher price and buying a quality scale will help you save money in the long run.


If you follow this guideline carefully, you cannot go wrong with choosing the right scale for your business. Factors such as weight capacity and the environment play a huge part in selecting the proper weighing solution for your business.

Scales are different according to the industry; hence you have to keep an eye on the exact purpose of weighing. If you are selling products according to weight, you will need commercial-grade weighing solutions. The size of the products is crucial for narrowing down your options.

Keep your budget open until you can find the appropriate scales you need. Remember, quality depends heavily on the prices, so it's better to spend some money now than to handle losses later.

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